Don’t Let Your Attic Go To Waste

The attic is the place that everyone knows is there, but no one wants to touch. Except that organizing your attic can be far more useful than you think. Though many people have a hard time getting up there and cleaning it, when you do you will find that it is one of the best storage places. Utilizing your attic space opens up room in the rest of your house.

Don’t let your attic go to waste; use it for all that it’s worth.

On the bright side, it’s not too hard to get your attic to where you want it to be; it is just about a will and a plan at this point and we’re going to help you get there. Here are some tips on how to keep your attic in good shape by using storage space that is readily available in most homes:

Don’t Be Afraid

Of course it seems scary, you don’t know what has been living up there for these past few months and you can’t see a thing. The first step would be to set up temporary arrangements. Start by giving yourself some light and hang up some temporary illumination with a strong binding like mil-spec-wire, which will help you string the lights across the wall.

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Now you can see. Here comes the situation analysis part, where you get to see if your attic needs a complete makeover or just a little organizing. If there are loads and loads of unmarked boxes and other junk you may need to call in some help. Just remember that this should be done over time. No one has walked up into a attic and completed a complete renovation of it that same day.

Set a Goal Time

Setting a time window for yourself will keep you on track with your attic organization. You should know exactly how much time you have and want to spend on this project. See what is in your attic and if there is any type of prior organization system, if there isn’t much then you can cut your timeframe down. Although set it in stone once you see what needs to be done.

Setting a timeframe also keeps you focused on the goal because there are many things in the attic that are likely from years ago and might bring up memories and stories that you have forgotten about. These time capsule like things are likely to distract you from the goal of organizing the attic. Here are some alternative tips to cleaning out your attic:

Write it Down

Take an inventory of the things that you have and the contents of those boxes. Be specific and precise in your approach, write down the number of boxes that don’t have labels and set them in a certain group. These groups should be full of items that are of the same category. For example: children’s books, holiday decorations, and memorabilia.

Narrow it Down

Once your things are sorted and you have completed an inventory for yourself, now comes the time when you narrow things down into three solid groups. You have to honestly ask yourself what you need and don’t need, which can be difficult because people like to hold onto things. Narrow the groups into things you never use, things you sometimes use, and things you definitely always use. Be strict in the selection process for these groups.

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Don’t forget about donations when you are throwing things away. Donating is a great way to put things to use that you were just about to get rid of.

Go Organize!

Now that everything is on a checklist the next step is to start organizing! If there are too many boxes on the floor, get a shelf system so that you can find things easier and everything is accessible. Finding things in your attic is easy when everything is accessible; you have to be able to walk from the door to the back and have reach to each box or bin.

Label all boxes. Label everything because you obviously won’t remember later. Group similar items together in their boxes so that when you are looking for a certain thing then you know which general area it is in. Also, anticipate a roof leak or rodent in the attic and go with plastic bins and boxes rather than cardboard boxes. If you are making any other household renovations like your basement, here’s how to Improve Your Basement at a Low Cost.

Attack the attic; it is waiting to give you a great deal of storage space that you don’t even have to see. Use our tips and take on the task. We are positive that the benefits of a functional attic space will leave the rest of your home in better shape.

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Upgrading your Home: Ways to Save on your Mortgage

Many people are having difficulties with their finances at the moment because of the pandemic, and if this applies to you then you certainly aren’t alone. The pandemic affected many lives and businesses like the residential real estate market, because of health concerns and issues, the physical distancing, stay-at-home orders and economic uncertainty, many cities experienced a noticeable drop in home sales. The unemployment rate during the pandemic was high, so many homeowners have struggled to pay their mortgages and many of them reconsider their household needs.

Despite the large drops in home sales due to the pandemic brought by COVID-19, real estate activity began to improve today, potential home buyers started to increase their housing search and purchase activity.

If you are one of those homeowners who is planning to purchase a new home or do some home renovations today, it is important that you put plans in place, so you aren’t spending unnecessary money on high-interest repayments.

It is true that mortgages can be a highly efficient way to borrow money as the rates are always lower than those on other products such as personal loans or credit cards. The downside is that mortgages can last for an awful long time, typically 25 years and sometimes more. With the age of first time buyers increasing to nearly 40 for those without any parental help, it can mean years of saving for a deposit and then paying off a mortgage into your sixties or beyond. There are, however, some things you can do to save on the cost of your mortgage.

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Review your current mortgage

The first thing any mortgage holder should check is that they are on the best mortgage deal. Rates are historically low and it may well be possible to switch to a cheaper product, doing so could save you many pounds every month.

Check for any early redemption charges that may apply to your existing mortgage and fees on a new mortgage. Even if they do apply, it may still be cheaper in the long term to move, so do your sums carefully.

If you do find a cheaper deal, it’s well worth the admin involved to switch, so don’t be afraid of the perceived hassle. A little bit of paperwork could save you thousands over the term. New buyers should always shop around and seek out the best mortgage with low rates and flexible terms.

 Switch to a repayment mortgage

If you are on an interest only mortgage you may want to think about switching to a repayment mortgage. Whilst this will probably cost you more each month, you can be sure that at the end of the term, you won’t be left with any outstanding debt to pay off.

If, at the same time, you are able to move onto a product with a lower rate of interest, it may not even cost that much more and you have the peace of mind of knowing that your mortgage will be fully paid off at the end of the term.

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Overpay your mortgage

The most effective way to save on your mortgage is to overpay. Paying off more than the required amount means you pay less interest overall and your mortgage ends sooner. Assuming the interest is calculated daily, any overpayment starts working for you immediately.

Work out how much extra you might be able to afford paying each month, say  75 or  100 and then ask your lender to calculate what impact that will have on your mortgage. They will be able to tell you how much time you would shave off the length of the mortgage and how much you would save in interest payments. You can do the same with a lump sum payment.

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An added benefit of overpaying is that it will increase the equity available in your home which may help you re-mortgage onto a product with lower interest rates, therefore saving you more money.

Whatever you decide to do, these straightforward steps should help you on your way to save on your mortgage and even become mortgage free sooner than you’d hoped.

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Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Knife

When you want exceptional carving knives with razor sharp edges it can be daunting to determine which knife maker offers the best knife. Professional chefs spend a lifetime building and caring for their knife portfolio; as an amateur chef or home cook it’s hard to know what exactly makes a knife worthy and which knives will perform well over time. It’s always a good idea to begin with a known manufacturer – Kershaw brand knives for example, when choosing fine cutlery because you know a reputable manufacturer will stand behind the goods they design and make.

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[Photo  courtesy of Mikhail Nilov/]

Regardless of maker the materials and the design of any knife are what determine the quality and performance. Craftsmanship is essential – there should be no irregularities of any kind and all joints should be seamless; the connection of the bolster and the tang should be perfect. Any irregularities can harbor germs and bacteria and any loosening or wiggle room is an invitation to disaster. Should any of your current knives have such deficiencies it would be a wise idea to replace them as soon as possible for both safety and hygiene reasons.

Look for knives which are ergonomically designed to ensure a good grip and to allow for easy use – professionals who spend hours slicing, dicing and mincing food day in and day out know that hand and wrist fatigue can be a problem. It’s critical to select a knife that feels good and fits your hand nicely. The knife should be well balanced and the handle proportionate to the blade. Some folks prefer one-piece knives which are typically made of stainless steel – with a one-piece knife there is less chance of failure plus they are very hygienic and easy to keep clean.

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Working from Home: Blogging Through the Years

It was around 2009 when I left the Philippines to be reunited with my then husband (now ex) under the dependent visa, which means I have no freedom nor privilege to work in Korea. Left without a choice, I search for alternate way to earn money from home and online, I found few choices.  At first, I started joining paid to click sites, just to earn cents and a few dollars for almost  a month of clicking adverts. It was good, but I yearn for more and that’s where I created a blog in blogspot upon finding out you can earn decent money from just writing your own thoughts or from blogging.

Working from home and earning from it. doesn’t work like magic. I have to learn how to do SEO and established good connection from fellow bloggers, read a lot and find more creative ways to boost traffic to my blog. Then a trend came where most of my fellow bloggers starting to purchase their own domain name, with the help of my ex bribing him to buy me a domain as birthday present, was able to purchase my own domain and that’s where more online opportunities pour in, I am able run adverts to my blog and received pitch from direct advertisers who are interested to put adverts, links and articles into my websites, yes with in a year of blogging, I am able to manage three to five blogs, with a different niches or topics.

As if, three to five blogs were not enough I purchase more domain especially when there was a sale, the more blog I had the more chances of earning from them.  The comes a time that several websites like Intellifluence arises, I joined a handful of them where I earned a decent money, more blogs means more responsibility and when the trend came where blogs has a unique and personalized templates and theme, I jumped into the bandwagon with a degree in IT and wanting my blog to become more presentable I learned how to tweak my themes and templates and that’s where I attracted other bloggers.

I started receiving request from fellow bloggers to create and tweak their blog templates and theme for  money and as no kid to look after, and with a freedom and independence to work from home I started collecting lists of blogs from fellow bloggers, and finding work or writing gig for them. I met a few link builders online and provide link services to them, yes I worked as a link broker, and when the new trend of owning a self-hosted wordpress came I move to cpanel hosting and left blogspot for the better.

One of the best thing I enjoyed working from home is you can work anytime you want and you can do more chores at home, but of course working from home requires self-discipline and motivation to manage your time responsibly which sometimes I failed to do so.



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Anyway, as the year went by lots of changes happened in blogging, Mr. G’s constantly changing algorithm created an impact among bloggers, direct advertisers became less  and lots of blogger I knew from the blogging community applied for a day job and blogging became a past time only to them.


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When I went home to Philippines, blogging became a burden to me because of a bad internet connection, I have to go to town just to be connected. Fast forward, lots of changes happened in the Philippines, new innovation and technology were innovated and today having a great connection, I am able to continue to write again and found new opportunities to earn online and learn new trends in blogging, I found out that today doing reviews and receiving products is trendy than it was back then.

How about you? What have you learned from todays blogging trend?

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Improving Your Home Security Can Help You Lower Your Insurance Premiums

There are a great many reasons why it is very important for you to have your home furnished as soon as possible with a state of the art home security system. But did you know that you can gain an extra layer of much needed protection by going the extra mile and getting your home or business equipped with an alarm monitoring system. Homes that pack this potent double punch of security are among the safest, least troubled properties in the nation, and for very good reason.

Getting Your Property And Family Fully Secured Is A Must

One of the very best things you can do for your home, your business, your accumulated property and valuables, and your family is to get yourself properly secured with an alarm system combined with a monitoring service. The moment you do this, you will be protected by a live operator who will be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to assist you in the event of a break in or emergency.

home security

[Photo courtesy of HONG SON/]

Get Yourself Full Protection Even When You Are Away From Home

Adding a full system of alarm system monitoring to your regular home alarm is a must for precisely this reason: Without it, even if your home alarm does go off in the event of a break in or other disaster, it may not do you any good. It may well scare off a home invader but, without proper monitoring, it may simply continue to ring and ring for hours, especially if you are injured and unable to respond, or if you are away from home on business or a vacation. It’s simply better to be safe than to come home and be sorry.

It’s High Time To Lower Your Monthly Property Insurance Payments

One of the major advantages that adding a system of home alarm monitoring can accomplish is the lowering of your monthly insurance premiums. A home that sees few, if any, break ins during a long enough period of time is a home that will be judged as a very low security risk. The more secure your home or business is proven to be, the better the benefit for your wallet. This is one benefit of installing a home alarm monitoring system that even the most thrifty home owner can easily relate to.

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Green Spring Cleaning Tips You Can Use

Spring cleaning is something that needs to be done in everyone’s house. For some people it seems as though they actually look forward to this time and being able to get their house back in order and things cleaned up. For others it seems like an impossible task to get everything done with the busy life that they live. Regardless of how you feel about spring cleaning you will be happy to learn some great green tips to help you reduce your environmental impact.

Make Your Own Cleaners

Did you know that it is really possible to make your own cleaners? Simple ingredients that you already have around your home like distilled vinegar, Borax, olive oil, baking soda, liquid castile soap, and essential oils are all that you need to replace nearly every single cleaner in your home.

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Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Thankfully, for those who do not want to make their own cleaners, there is a huge selection of eco-friendly cleaners on the market today. These can guarantee you the clean that you are looking for without the harsh chemicals that are dangerous for your family and harmful to the environment.

Line Dry Laundry

One of the biggest things about spring cleaning is that you are going to be doing a lot of additional laundry. This is the time when you should be washing curtains, blankets, and other linens that you might not wash all of the time. Line drying these items will save a lot of energy and will give them the wonderful scent of spring.

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Use House Plants

Did you know that house plants can work like your own air filter? That’s right, having plants in your home can really help you to have cleaner air to breathe for your whole family.

Get Rid of Things You Do Not Use

De-cluttering not only helps you to feel better and more refreshed but it can also help you to have a more efficient home. When you are getting rid of things like clothes consider which ones you can cut up and reuse as things like cleaning rags. Also decide which ones you can sell or donate.

Invest in Reusable Mop Pads

Free Woman in Orange Jumpsuit Standing on Gray Ladder Stock Photo

[Photo courtesy of Tima Miroshnichenko/]

There are many great companies on the market today (or you can shop handmade marketplaces) where you can find reusable mop pads. This is much better for the environment than the ones that you use once and throw away.

Have Your Attic Professionally Cleaned

Did you know that animal feces and contamination in your attic can make you sick? It is important that you clean up and remove potentially harmful contamination when you are spring cleaning. Make sure that no surface is left untouched during this time of deep cleaning. Just make sure that you pick a company that will work with you for green cleaning and will not be using harmful chemicals to get rid of these contaminates.

Resist the Urge to Use Paper Towels

While paper towels can be handy, they mainly just contribute to landfills and cause there to be a need to cut down more trees. Resist the urge to use paper towels in your spring cleaning and if you must choose environmentally friendly options.

Open Your Windows

Fresh air is a great way to make your whole house smell better. It is also a great way to make your green spring cleaning go easier.

If you really dread spring cleaning you can try some fun spring cleaning activities like these. You might even find that you are more motivated than before and able to get things done quicker.

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Creating a Kitchen that Lasts a Lifetime

Your kitchen is one area of your home that is used a number of times on a daily basis, by most members of the family. Whether your teenager is rushing in to grab a piece of toast before school or your preparing a family dinner, there is a great deal of foot traffic in the kitchen. If you’re lucky enough to be building your new home or are undergoing some renovations, you should create a kitchen that will last a lifetime. Your kitchen has so many different aspects that need to be considered, from your floors and countertops to your appliances and your cupboard space. Read on to discover some helpful hints on how you can create a timeless and hardwearing kitchen in your home.

Floor Coverings

As aforementioned, the kitchen is home to one of the highest volumes of foot traffic in your home. If you are creating a kitchen to last a lifetime, you should always choose a durable and hardwearing surface. Not only do your surfaces need to withstand foot traffic, but they should also be able to measure up to various spills and dropped jars. Tiling is often a popular choice for kitchen floor coverings, as it provides a durable surface, while still remaining to be aesthetically pleasing. Tiles are also easily cleaned, making it great for those accidental spills!

Free White Wooden Cupboards Stock Photo

[Image courtesy of Mark McCammon/]]

Bench Surfaces

While floors take a great deal of foot traffic, countertops also experience a great deal of usage. Your bench surfaces should be constructed using a durable material and quality design. Quartz kitchen bench tops are now a popular choice amongst many reputable home builders, as they offer a sleek and sophisticated appearance, while still maintaining their longevity. Your bench tops should also create a great deal of workable area within your kitchen, so be sure that the design maximises your use of space.

Timeless Appliances

Appliances are a major part of most kitchens and should be considered when designing or revamping this new area of your home. Stainless steel appliances are a great addition to any kitchen, as they provide a timeless look that won’t easily become out-dated. Choosing quality appliances will make a noticeable difference to your cooking experience, with the quality evident with use.

A Usable Space

Finally, when creating your new kitchen, you should ensure that you are designing a useable space. While you may want to add absolutely everything to you kitchen, keep in mind that you don’t want any area that is cluttered an unusable. Smart storage solutions are a great way to get the most from your kitchen, with modern options including utility towers that offer a great new way to effectively use your space.

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Home Renovations: Letting Your Mouse Do All The Work

There’s no doubt you’ve fanned through millions, yes millions of interior decorating magazines, home decor magazines and viewed a few thousand of online websites getting ideas for your homestead lair. Well, perhaps that’s an exaggeration. Things are either out of your budget, or may be you’ve had to resort to the best you can do: word-of-mouth recommendations from family, friends or co-workers.

Online Renovation Portals

However, when the proverbial rubber meets the road, you’re left on first base trying to find the perfect match in expert craftsmen, renovation ideas and budget-friendly alternatives. You can be put at ease now by using online directories of remodeling experts such as Renovation Experts.

Free Photo of Woman Writing on Tablet Computer While Using Laptop Stock Photo

[Photo courtesy of ANTONI SHKRABA/]

Not only will they host several hundred restoration experts on their portal page, but you’ll have them categorized according to whatever you need: electrician, masonry, cabinetry craftsmen or roofers.

In addition, you’ll find posted entries that may give you the best prices and quality material choices such as in bathroom vanities or even a rain barrel diverter for those who are environmentally conscious.

Archived Articles About Ideas You’ve Been Thinking About

Fine, quality and information-driven articles will help start you on your way to that remodel or renovating project that you’ve wanted for so many months. This includes tips of advice on what to do before you get into a contract negotiated mess or come up short with the material quality you’ve expected.

Free Brown Wooden Ladder Beside Painting Materials Stock Photo

[Photo courtesy of Blue Bird/]

Sometimes, it’s not the fault of the contractor, but many times the fault may rest on a misunderstanding between the homeowner and the contractor both. So, don’t up short at any level. Check with your online portal for the best selection in contractors, prices and materials used.

How Online Portals Work

Although not all renovation portals work the same way, here’s an idea of how it’s done at Renovation Experts. By filling out an easy online contact form, you’ll be sent several contractor emails, sometimes within minutes, from various contractors all asking you to call them so that you can better explain what you need and have in mind.

Once mutually agreed, they’ll ask to come out to your home or site to actually view the project and to give you an honest evaluation–before you consent in writing to begin on any work.

That being said, your best bet is to simply visit one of the hundreds of construction, remodel and renovation directories, and check around to see who or what you prefer. You have nothing to lose except a little time–and that’s well worth it in getting that dream job you’ve always wanted.

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Affordable Bathroom Updates

If you are tired of seeing the same old accessories in your bathroom and are envious of the modern bathroom looks of your friends, it may be time for an update. You do not need to spend a huge amount of money, and you can start by choosing a great-looking towel stand or a soft bathroom rug. The next item on your “budget update” list may be your sink. You can choose from a great variety of affordable, yet stylish sinks available on the market.

Free Oval Mirror Near Toilet Bowl Stock Photo

[Image courtesy of Christa Grover/]

A simple accessory that can quickly change the way a bathroom looks is a towel hanger and stand. Your old hanger may no longer have its shine. You can remedy this situation by purchasing a budget towel drying stand that supports your favorite soft towels and keeps them dry after usage. If you have decided to make more solid investments into updating your bathroom and you like exquisite, sophisticated look, you should consider marble. Although there are cheaper sink varieties available, marble sinks are highly valued for their aesthetic appearance and they are a sign that the owner of the bathroom possesses great artistic taste. You can find a sink to fit in any space, and they come in a number of eye catching designs.

Updating your bathroom does not have to cost you a fortune if you choose cost-effective bathroom accessories and benefit from the available deals or discounts. It just takes a little patience and taste, and you can restore its shine and attractiveness.

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Designing Your Home For A New Artistic Project

From time to time we can fell ourselves positively glow with creative interest. This might have been spurred on by someone we know, something we saw or read, or simply waking up one day feeling like this is the best way forward. Designing your home for a new artistic project can be exhilarating, as we not only get to submerge ourselves in a new craft, but to find our very own style within it. Artistic projects could denote anything, but for this article we’re going to focus on the accepted and standard definition of something creative and expressive, such as painting, sculpting, or even something physically expressive like dance.

Heading to a dedicated club can be a great method of meeting new people and becoming introduced to this in perhaps one of the best ways possible. But often, it can also be extremely important to practice at home in order to train yourself in the best manner possible. It can pay to separate a singular room for this activity. The design of which could be helped by the following efforts:

Shallow Focus Photography of Paintbrush

[Photo courtesy of  Daian Gan /]

Storage Options

Most hobbies will include some form of expense, and that expense often means equipment or some other form of apparatus to help you conduct your activity. If completing your activity at home, you’ll likely need storage space for these options. A place where you can store your paintbrushes, fold out your floor mat, hide and dry your canvas or simply store your other equipment to help the room serve a dual purpose when you’re not partaking in the activity can all be worthwhile. Consider adding shelving, store cupboards, or storage hanging baskets here. If you look around, you will often consider how purpose-built options can often relate the most comfort in the long term, and this can give you a worthwhile effect.

Considering Your Flooring

Consider your flooring. It can be extremely worthwhile to ensure that it’s are correct. If painting, it might not be the best to have thick shag carpet from wall to wall. Laminate floorboards are great for a variety of reasons, such as being the easiest to clean, the easiest to install, and worthwhile for a variety of uses. If you wish to conduct a physical activity such as yoga in the space, you can always purchase and place supportive mats down on the floor, which might be a little inconvenient to do on carpet. Not only that, but laminate flooring can often be the most cost-effective when redesigning your flooring, and so we needn’t elaborate further

Considering Noise

Noise can sometimes be an annoyance when partaking in your activity. It might be that you can only conduct your hobby to loud music, you want the room to be your peaceful escape from the world, or perhaps hobbies like yoga can be distracted by its presence. If you’re a musical person, it’s not hard to see how this can annoy the neighbours, and get you into a all sorts of personal disputes. Thankfully, soundproof shielding is easy to install on a wall, and can prevent the inpour and outpouring of noise completely. Be sure to install this and experiment with its application.

With these tips, you’re sure to design your home in the best manner possible for whatever project you wish to indulge in.

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