Working from Home: Blogging Through the Years

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It was around 2009 when I left the Philippines to be reunited with my then husband (now ex) under the dependent visa, which means I have no freedom nor privilege to work in Korea. Left without a choice, I search for alternate way to earn money from home and online, I found few choices.  At first, I started joining paid to click sites, just to earn cents and a few dollars for almost  a month of clicking adverts. It was good, but I yearn for more and that’s where I created a blog in blogspot upon finding out you can earn decent money from just writing your own thoughts or from blogging.

Working from home and earning from it. doesn’t work like magic. I have to learn how to do SEO and established good connection from fellow bloggers, read a lot and find more creative ways to boost traffic to my blog. Then a trend came where most of my fellow bloggers starting to purchase their own domain name, with the help of my ex bribing him to buy me a domain as birthday present, was able to purchase my own domain and that’s where more online opportunities pour in, I am able run adverts to my blog and received pitch from direct advertisers who are interested to put adverts, links and articles into my websites, yes with in a year of blogging, I am able to manage three to five blogs, with a different niches or topics.

As if, three to five blogs were not enough I purchase more domain especially when there was a sale, the more blog I had the more chances of earning from them.  The comes a time that several websites like Intellifluence arises, I joined a handful of them where I earned a decent money, more blogs means more responsibility and when the trend came where blogs has a unique and personalized templates and theme, I jumped into the bandwagon with a degree in IT and wanting my blog to become more presentable I learned how to tweak my themes and templates and that’s where I attracted other bloggers.

I started receiving request from fellow bloggers to create and tweak their blog templates and theme for  money and as no kid to look after, and with a freedom and independence to work from home I started collecting lists of blogs from fellow bloggers, and finding work or writing gig for them. I met a few link builders online and provide link services to them, yes I worked as a link broker, and when the new trend of owning a self-hosted wordpress came I move to cpanel hosting and left blogspot for the better.

One of the best thing I enjoyed working from home is you can work anytime you want and you can do more chores at home, but of course working from home requires self-discipline and motivation to manage your time responsibly which sometimes I failed to do so.



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Anyway, as the year went by lots of changes happened in blogging, Mr. G’s constantly changing algorithm created an impact among bloggers, direct advertisers became less  and lots of blogger I knew from the blogging community applied for a day job and blogging became a past time only to them.


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When I went home to Philippines, blogging became a burden to me because of a bad internet connection, I have to go to town just to be connected. Fast forward, lots of changes happened in the Philippines, new innovation and technology were innovated and today having a great connection, I am able to continue to write again and found new opportunities to earn online and learn new trends in blogging, I found out that today doing reviews and receiving products is trendy than it was back then.

How about you? What have you learned from todays blogging trend?

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