What to Look for When Buying House and Land Packages

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Buying a new home through a house and land package can be a great way to get the home you’ve always dreamed about. But if you have never purchased a brand new house off-plan, there are some considerations that you should keep in mind. Find out what to look for, what to consider, and how to buy your house and land package.

Choosing a house and land package for your new home purchase should be an exciting and enjoyable time. Looking through display homes, flicking through house plans, such as the house and land packages, talking with agents and developers about your options, and different land positions, and deciding on carpets and flooring, tiling, cupboard doors, and bathroom fixtures helps to make your dream home a reality. But there are some important considerations to look at when buying your new home.

The Quality of the Builder

Before choosing any type of home and land package, you must consider the quality of the particular builder. Any builder you choose should be registered and offer a good building guarantee on all their work. Upfront costs that are guaranteed should be readily available, and a set build time is ideal. Find out how long the builder has been in business, and walk through homes the builder has already completed to see their level of quality and workmanship firsthand. If possible, talk to others who have purchased a new home from the builder.

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The Quality of the Developer

It is generally the case that when buying house and land packages, you are going to be dealing with a developer. The developer may be building the house as well as selling the land, or they may just be selling the land and recommending a selection of builders to use. The developer is responsible for how the development looks and runs overall. This includes sizing and positioning of land plots, roads, pavements and walkways, communal areas, playgrounds and other types of amenities. They are also responsible for setting out building criteria and restrictions, otherwise referred to as covenants. Check out what other developments the particular developer has completed. They should have clearly laid-out design plans, especially future plans should they be appropriate. A good indication of the success of a particular development is how many house and land packages they have already sold.

The Quality of the Interior

Whether buying the actual house from the developer as the builder or choosing your own builder, it’s important to check the quality of the interior of their display homes. If you can’t get the opportunity to look at an example of their build quality, then you need to be very cautions. Any reputable and professional builder or developer will offer a selection of display homes for you to look around. However, it pays to keep in mind that the display homes usually feature top-of-the-range fixture and fitting options that may come at an additional cost. Always make sure you’re clear on exactly what flooring, tap ware, cabinetry, bench tops, doors and door handles and even light fittings come with your chosen house plan.

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The Quality of the Exterior

Various house and land packages range significantly in what they offer their buyers. Find out if driveways, lawn, fencing or landscaping is included. Some builders include outdoor light fixtures and fittings, pergolas and letterboxes with their house and land packages, while others consider these to be additional extras. All exterior inclusions and exclusions should be clearly laid out in writing prior to you signing any contract or hand over any money. Often, you get to choose roof coverings, guttering and exterior materials and colors.

When it comes to taking possession of your new home, you often get the opportunity to inspect it before final settlement is completed. During this time, be sure that all your options, both inside and outside the home, have been adhered to. Take a walk through your new home while it’s still empty taking note of the finishes and standard of workmanship. You should be 100 per cent happy with your new home and eager to take possession and move in as soon as possible.

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