How to Entertain Kids at Home

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People  have less and less free time to relax and do something that would entertain them, with busy family lives as well as coping with everyday tasks at work , and around the home. It was indeed stressful to work five days a week and instead of resting and relaxing on the weekend you have to look after a mischief kid.

Having kids at home is amazing, but it constantly make some interesting challenges and problems, from homeschooling them to leisure time and to even asking them to sleep. The good thing today, technology can help to entertained the kids at home. Yes, now a days, technology became a big part of baby sitting , especially when it is too difficult to look after a kid that generally causing mischief around the house.

Our home was built to have a second floor, but due to financial constraints the construction of the second story was halted, and the stairs going up there, became a huge problem to us. My toddler niece always run to places and the stairs is her favorite space to play, it was quite dangerous because there are still no railings for support and it is a bit high for a toddler to play around.  With the thoughts that accident might happen anytime, my father decided to built  a temporary blocked, so my niece can’t run upstairs especially when she is unsupervised.

With a little bit of creativity I found ways to entertain my niece at home when she is bored. Here are some options, you can also try.

Selecting an Activity

There are many activities available for kids to do at home, but the best way to select an activity is to consider the age of your child and her interest. My niece love indoor activities like arts and crafts, so we bought a sketch pad and color box for her, since she love doodling and coloring too.

When she is bored with her color and sketch pad, she loves to play around, so we played hide and seek, and we played with her toys too. For her to be more entertained I bought simulation toys for her, like the food and kitchen simulation toys.

Watching TV Programs Design for Kids

When my niece is tired playing toys and doing arts and crafts, for a short period of time we let her watch TV  shows design for kids, which is safe and friendly. We don’t want her to imitate bad behavior from watching unhealthy TV programs, so we are kind of strict on what shows she has to watch.

Dancing and Singing

This activity is advantageous for children, because it engages their brain and it allows them to express themselves and teaches children on how to interact with other people. My niece loves to dance and sing, so it comes to the point where I am the one who gets tired singing when she keep requesting to repeat the song again and again.

Some Outdoor Activities

Of course, everyone needs a little bit of sunshine so when the weather is good.  My niece and I walked inside the compound, and I let her play and explore her surrounding with the help of our dog, who also loves to play and walk with her. Just to be safe I don’t let her hold the leash in more than three minutes, no matter how she beg and cried for it.

Safe media streaming

Watching a streaming website which was built to be a fun, family-friendly place for kids and families was very helpful too, because my niece learned a lot of songs from it.  It allow kids to explore their interests on a whim, deeply, easily, and with great entertainment.

Educational Online Games

Kids enjoy games on mobile phones and most parents can attest to that, whenever my niece is tired watching shows in the streaming website she always loves to play online without our knowing, so I searched for websites that doesn’t need an applications to play and I stumbled to, a website that offers educational games for kids and kids alike online. They have hundreds of free games across every genre, which  you can play directly in your web browser with no app downloads and each game has a set of instructions that are pretty easy to understand.

Other people might think that playing games online for kids is unhealthy, but actually it is not, it was only bad for for kids health when they play too much without doing other things, and without eating.  According to research playing and winning online games releases dopamine which can boost motivation and determination to achieve a goal.

At kids can play  a colorful and fun musical game, they can learn to play the piano, drums, xylophone, and harp and since my niece loves music and musical instruments she really love this one, as well as few other games like the Neon Invaders , a space shooting game,  the  Pocket Racing Game which is a motorcycle obstacle course game, Foot Chinko Game which is like an online soccer game, my niece loves to kick and play ball so no wonder she love this game too.

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