Making Your Wardrobe Doors Functional and Strong

Wardrobe doors can be one of the most frustrating parts of home décor. In most cases if the doors are not installed correctly they stop working, or worse still fall off. The secret to having functioning and good looking wardrobe doors is in the hardware used to set them up. Many DIY enthusiasts and carpenters make the mistake of cutting corners by using low quality wardrobe hardware.

There are a number of different types of door that are commonly used, and all come in high and low quality varieties. Depending on the type of door different hardware needs to be used to make them function properly. If the unit is a stand alone wardrobe it will need to use cabinet hinges instead of traditional door or wardrobe door hinges for folding or sliding doors.

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Folding Wardrobe Doors

One of the most popular and cost effective types of doors installed in houses these days is folding wardrobe doors. When high quality versions of these doors are closed they not only cover up the clothes and anything else in the wardrobe they look like real doors consistent with those found in the rest of the house. It is important to choose a heavy bi fold door and use high quality Stanley hinges on both the folding portion of the door, and to link the doors into the track. These doors will take an afternoon and a few hundred dollars for a do it yourself carpenter to install.

 Standard Doors for a Wardrobe

Putting standard hinged doors on a wardrobe is one of the best ways to make that wardrobe look great. The doors look like the doors to the various rooms in the house; you can match up perfectly. Since they are hung with high quality hinges these doors open and close like a regular door as well. The only draw back to hanging a regular door in your wardrobe is the amount of space they take up when they are opened, so the rooms must be larger in order to allow the doors to swing.

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 Sliding Doors

A popular modern alternative is to install sliding doors. These sliding doors use track hardware to open and close. They have the disadvantage of being more difficult to install than a conventional door and the advantage of being much better looking than folding closet doors. Though they look good it is important to caution that if they fall off the track they can be quite dangerous, so it may be best to leave their installation to a professional.  

 The door style you choose and the hinges you use are important decisions. Don’t settle for a look that doesn’t fit your room, or poor quality fittings that are going to be falling off within a couple of years of use. Fit for the future by investing a bit more and getting high quality products; products into which you have put a little thought.

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How to Stay Cool When Your AC Breaks

It is pretty stressful having a hard day at work and the air conditioning unit broke up in your home and when you live in a large city, it can be difficult to get some fresh air. Especially if you live in the inner city, it might seem impossible because of the tall buildings and lack of trees. However, there are plenty of ways to increase the circulation within your home no matter where you live.

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The simplest thing to do is to open your doors and windows. Again, however, you may find this to be difficult if you live in a heavily polluted area with a lot of outside traffic, etc. Even so, try opening your windows at night when it is cooler out and there is less traffic for some fresh air. A window fan can be placed on the ledge for better air circulation and if not that, consider installing mesh covers to let in the air and keeping the excess debris out. Other than a traditional fan, consider installing exhaust fans in humid areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. By drawing the excess water in, you will be able to breathe better with less humidity and contaminants in the air.

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When such situation happened that the temperature inside your home is uncontrollable, all you need is to find a cool place to unwind. Stepping out of your house to get yourself a cup of an iced coffee may help you relax and feel better,  but stepping up into the home entertainment section would be best to reduce the exhaustion you are feeling, as you have to let your mind focus into something different.

There are many options, from exploring the web and playing interactive online games , such as card games, word games, logic games and many more without downloading any app.  It is proven that playing video games can reduce stress and place you in a good mood by increasing pleasure. Pleasurable activities increase dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good. These positive feelings are a great tool to combat daily stress and create a flow state, similar to meditation.

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Activities that provide instant gratification totally transform those feelings of stress. Playing and winning can cause instant gratification, receiving a reward can make your feeling positive right away and can make you more engaging and productive at home.

Here are top picks of games you can play when you are stressed out and feeling tired from exhaustion, of having no fresh air at home.

Candy Fiesta Game

If you are candy crush fanatic, you will enjoy this games where you have to match 3 candies game and try to score as many points as you can in 65 moves. Valid moves require you to swap piece positions so that you create 3 or more in a row vertically or horizontally.

Garden Secrets

If you are not a keen observer, this is a bit challenging game where you have to find all the hidden objects in the garden, morphed into their location.  This game has 10 levels which are timed where you can score up to 3 stars on each level based on how quickly you find the missing items or complete the puzzle.  If you are stuck on an item you can click use a clue by  clicking [?] at the bottom, then click on the item to reveal where it is located, this will cost you one hundred (100) points.

Candy House

To win this game, you have to match 3 or more same tiles or candy in a vertical or horizontal row for these to vanish. Matching more tiles will give you power-ups that you can use to destroy other tiles. It has a timer so make sure you complete the task given on time.

On the other level, some tiles are locked and can’t be moved. You can only break these by matching 3 or more tiles adjacent to it. My favorite power-up is the rainbow which can be earned when you make 5 in a row. This will remove all pieces of your chosen color from the board.

Letter Scramble

The classic letter scramble is easy to play by typing the available letters and making words. There are three levels where you should spell more words from 20 until 40. You can also repeat the words but the gist of this game is for you to type out the longest word that you can.

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How To Make Your First House a Home

So you have just bought your first house and you’re excited about giving it that personal touch and imposing your own personality on the property. However, the chances are having paid out on expenses such as mortgage broker fees and legal costs, as well as the deposit and removal fees, you probably won’t have a huge amount left to play with.

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Oh well, all is not lost. There’s no rush and while you save up to get everything just right, there are plenty of steps you can take to make the house your home.

  • Take things that are special with you: It doesn’t matter if it’s old but loved cushions, or a mirror your granddad left you that doesn’t match anything. These personal items will play a huge part in making the place yours.
  • Smells: Whether you have moved into a 3rd floor studio apartment or a semi-detached, the smell can make a big difference. Maybe you miss the smell of the flowers at your previous home, or you just want each room to smell distinctive. From air fresheners to incense the smell can play a big part in making your home feel more personal.

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  • Flower power: buy some fresh flowers or even a few pot plants. Either way, some fresh additions can really help with the ambience if your property is new and perhaps lacks some character.
  • Party time: You can never have too many parties and a house warming is a perfect opportunity to make the place feel like home. Just don’t go too wild, as you don’t want to spend the first weeks at your new home cleaning and repairing the aftermath.
  • Put your ornaments out: Whilst you may be tempted to leave certain things in boxes because maybe they don’t go so well in your new home, it may be a good idea to get them out. Whether they match or not, they were at some point special to you and they will help make you feel comfortable. Over time you can redesign every room and slowly replace them all.

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  • Try a lick of paint: If the walls are good then consider giving the house a cheap makeover in your favourite colour schemes. If you’re determined to decorate, then you can pick up throws and cushion covers, duvet covers, bathroom accessories and suchlike to brighten things up whilst putting your own personal stamp on the place.

One of the great things about making your house a home is that there is no rush. For most of us, a new house is something we will own for many years and as such you will have all the time in the world to get everything right. So once you have initially got it comfortable, why not take your time over getting each room the way you always dreamed.

All that remains now is finding the house of your dreams so why not check out Marylebone Estate Agents where the friendly and knowledgeable staff will happily help you on the right road.

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The Benefits of Gardening During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic forced many of us to be confined into our homes for extended periods of time, but the popular trend of gardening help us greatly to avoid boredom and have positivity at all times.

My father has started planting veggies in our backyard since the start of lockdowns which is summer time in the Philippines, water supply is scarce during this season and watering his plants twice a day became a tedious thing to do, so he asked us to buy a garden water hose to make the watering job easier, my mother obliged to do so because she also needs a reliable water hose in her flower garden.

My father’s vegetable garden became a big help for us. It didn’t only save us from buying veggies in the market, but it also provides fresh vegetables in our table, and when supply is more than enough to eat, we are able to sell some fresh string beans, okra and eggplants to our neighbors, basically gardening became also a source of income of our family this pandemic.

Well, if you didn’t yet have a garden at home, you should start planting now because according to experts, gardening reduces depression, anxiety, obesity and heart disease as well as increasing life satisfaction, quality of life and sense of community and if you are looking for the best garden hose for your gardening project, buying Eley Hose and the Eley Hose Reels is more than worth it, it has the ability to resist kinking due to its strong inner core and polyurethane material. Polyurethane is one of the strongest and most durable materials for a garden hose, visit for more details and information.

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How Home Wallpaper Enhances Our Home

Our house isn’t fully finished nor furnished yet, but we see to it that our house looks attractive both inside and outside. We have initially planned to paint our house with house paint, we already done the first coating and chooses the colors for our living room, dining and bedroom, but with not much free time to do it nor funds to continue the said home project my mother opted in buying home wallpaper which is cheaper online especially when they are purchase in bulk.

When the wallpaper home decor she ordered online came, she excitedly design our house according to her liking so when I came home from school, I was astonished how our home looks like differently, our home became more attractive and lightning was more emphasized than ever.

Wallpaper is durable and can last for many years, cost effective and they can also hide surface imperfections and just like what was expected when visitors, relatives and neighbors saw her modern home wallpaper, they started asking many home wallpaper ideas and she openly shared it to everyone and even helped them purchased the right wallpaper for their home and it didn’t just end over there, because she was able to resell home wall coverings to others who have no shopping account and unable to purchase online.

Home Wallpaper decor has been a long practice to some, but in Philippines using wallpaper as home decor is a taboo especially in the rural areas, where most houses were just plainly painted with attractive colors, so I have jokingly told my mother upon seeing her home decor, if I am still in the right home to my friends laughter when I posted the joke in my social media.

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Need To Relax? Hit Up The Garden!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they need to sit back and take stock. It’s called relaxing, and it’s a major part of keeping a healthy and balanced life. Some do it by jetting off to a sandy location that is full of golden sand, whereas others prefer a massage and a rub down (not that kind!). The choice is yours because relaxation is an individual thing. Saying that, if you have a garden, there is no better place to unwind and hide from the rigours of life. If they have these calming features, the garden is even better than a holiday!

drinking, garden, relaxing

[Photo courtesy of Skitterphoto/]

Comfy Seating

Lots of people go for style over substance when it comes to garden furniture. It’s not because they prefer to sit in a nouveau riche chair that resembles a sparky’s leftover materials. Nope, it’s because they’re trying to show off to the neighbours and the rest of the neighbourhood. There is something to say for looking the part, especially when you want to get one over on a snobby busybody.  However, if your main goal is to relax, you have to put these petty squabbles behind you. Instead, you must opt for a comfy seat where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of summer. One that you just sink into is perfect.

Free Brown Wooden Bench Stock Photo

[Photo courtesy of Abie ZeroSix/]

Water Feature

Did you know that some people listen to whale noises to help them sleep? Not because they have an obsession with whales, although they might. No, it’s because the sounds of running water and giant squeaking mammals is reminiscent of peace and quiet. Apparently, it’s no joke either. Running water does calm down the average person, which is why you need a water feature. A company like Swell has a vast range of products, so there’s no need to worry about the cost or style. All you have to fret over is being too relaxed. Oh, and the odd aquatic animal popping up out of nowhere!

Water, Fountain, Trough, Flow, Stone Fountain, Garden

[Photo courtesy of ROMAN ODINTSOV/]

Wind Chimes

Just like the sounds of water puts people at ease, so does the sound of wind. Not the gales that whistle through the trees and nearly pull up the house’s foundations. That kind of wind is a warning signal is ever there was one. And, neither is it the wind that human beings pass even if they deny it to the death. This kind of wind is a gentle breeze that is synonymous with summer. But, instead of letting it gently tickle your face while you survey your kingdom, you can make music. Yep, a wind chime uses the energy of the breeze to create a relaxing, and quite catchy, tune.

File:Multicolored wind chime 1.JPG

[Photo courtesy of Jina Lee/]

Natural Focal Point

A perfect natural focal point is an old tree that has been on the property longer than the building. The reason it’s good for taking the edge off life is that it allows you to drift off into the abyss. Not literally, but metaphorically speaking. You sit there, you stare, and you lose yourself in your thoughts. Everyone does it from time to time, and it’s an ideal mechanism for winding down.

Relaxing is essential, and the garden is the ultimate place to start.   

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How to Relieve Stress and Boost Culinary Skills at Home

To do the things we enjoy is our natural way to relieve stress, sometimes we found pleasure in doing simple things like going for a walk, talking with friends, watching our favorite TV show, reading a good book, cooking our favorite food and even playing games online.

When I was still working from home, and online. Things were very stressful, even when I don’t have a boss and I have my own freedom to do things I want to do, it wasn’t because of the many works I have to do back then, it was mainly because of my attitude towards work. I am workaholic and it was hard for me to stop until the things I am doing wasn’t done yet.  I woke up at nine o’clock in the morning back then and sleep at two o’clock in the morning the next day, trying to do many things I can do, or if someone ordered a WordPress theme, I will do it without stopping, until I perfected it.

Today, after many things have happened and me today working a day job, working eight (8) hours a day, I have noticed I still have the same attitude towards work, where there are times I forgot to drink water and if not of my co-workers reminding us to eat lunch, I won’t eat lunch just to finish what I am doing.  What make it a bit stressful today, is doing household chores at home after a long day at work or look after a mischievous kid, especially during the weekend when it should be my only days to relax and rest.

Just like before my only way to relieve stress is to play  games online, and recently I  came across this fun and very educational website with many cooking games that me and my niece can enjoy playing during the weekend when I am babysitting her.  Yep, she loves playing cooking in her play time, just like how she loves to play online , I even bought her food simulation toys and a cooking set, which she always misplaced every time she used them. aside from being an informative platform that allows you to discover all the available culinary schools and culinary trainings near your area, it also has a  useful collection of online tools such as the ingredient measurement conversion tool, body fat calculator, weight loss and workout calculator .

It also has a huge collection of smartly curated online cooking games that kids and kids alike can freely access and enjoy without downloading mobile app, because they are browser-based application,  and by playing you can learn so much about the food you are eating, how they were produced (farming), you can also learn hospitality, restaurant managements and some culinary arts technique that can be useful to you someday.

Here are the games my niece and I enjoyed the most.

Ice Cream Bar

A 20-stage timed simulation game where you have to serve the customers the exact flavor and  ingredients they have ordered, the ice cream has to be in order the way they want them, starting at the bottom and working your way up. As you progress through the game you unlock additional ice cream flavors, ice cream cones, drinks, fruits, and a juicing machine.

Can I Eat It?

Is a game for preschoolers and kindergarten students, which is perfect for my niece age.  To play the game, you have to identify whether the food is edible or not by clicking Yes or No, in  a limited time. So you have to think quick if the item shown can be eaten or not or else you have to start over.  The items that were shown includes fruits, vegetables, cheese, sausages, chocolates , arrow, socks, sticks, glass, batteries, bugs and more.

Coffee Shop

A simulation game where you learn about how to manage a coffee shop. The game starts by buying your own inventory or ingredients like cups, coffee, sugar and milk. In this game, you have the freedom to adjust the how much coffee, milk and sugar, you can put into each cup and even the price of your coffee . The demand changes as the weather changes, so it isn’t advisable to stock lots of milk when the weather is warm because it will spoil and you will loss profit, that is for sure.

Puzzle Farm

An easy puzzle game that my niece enjoyed playing because of the colorful  farm animals and other scenes from farm life.  The puzzle shows a gray scale outline of where the pieces go until they are filled in, making it ideal for students in second grade or below.

Well, these are some of the games my niece and I enjoyed playing.  Through this, I am relieving my stress and learning culinary techniques by reading helpful articles at, as well as on playing some culinary games.

How about you, how do you overcome stressful days?

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Why you need a Swimming Pool

Do you look in your garden and feel there is something missing? Could it possibly be that that missing thing is a swimming pool? A swimming pool is the perfect addition to your home, the thing which takes your home to the next level. Of course we have to accept that not everyone has the space – or the money – for one, but hey, we can still dream right? We all enjoy a splash in a pool, but why do you actually need one?

A swimming pool is a proven health benefit, with most doctors agreeing that a pool is an excellent source of exercise. This is because of the amount of muscles at work when you swim. The water resistance provides something for all your muscles to be working against. A good cardiovascular workout can be done by swimming lengths, water weights or aerobics or even just going out there for fun. The great thing about this is that swimming in itself is fun (though I know a lot of people would disagree with that!), it’s not something like running where you feel like you have to force yourself out of the door every time. Keeping yourself fit in the pool can also only be a good thing for your personal/love/sex life… I am sure you have all heard of the famous ‘swimmer’s body’? That can be you.

Free Swimming Pool Near Palm Tree Stock Photo

[Photo courtesy of Pixabay/]

If you aren’t into lengths, there are a number of games to play in the pool, which can be entertaining for both children and adults. In fact, that is another great thing about a swimming pool – most age groups can enjoy them. A good game can be found with the simple addition of a ball, they are not just for playing football (which would be pretty impossible to play properly in a pool) but you can always play volleyball. Okay, so you need a net too, but it’s hardly expensive and if you’re already considering a pool then I am guessing that you have some extra money to use. Pool volleyball is a fun game for anyone of any age, whether it’s a bunch of kids playing or a party activity for adults. Don’t go thinking that is the only game though, you can also buy some basketball hoops and play basketball – though admittedly bouncing the ball has the same problems as playing football in the water, but that does not stop you from trying to score a 3 pointer and becoming the Michael Jordan of your pool. I have only highlighted two games to play, but there is a plethora of games to play in your pool, the scope of your imagination provides no limits. If you are intent on playing games in your pool – (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you be!) – then you need to consider effective channel drainage solutions to help drain away all the excess water that will no doubt be splashed out of the pool during those games!

Free Pink Flamingo Inflatable Ring and Green Inflatable Ring on Swimming Pool Stock Photo

[Photo courtesy of Toni Cuenca/]

Still not convinced? Well how about the simple fact that it’s a swimming pool. Think about that for a second, think about how awesome it would be to say that your house has a swimming pool. You will instantly become that much more popular. Sorry, but it’s true. It would be just like the first time you got your new huge HD television, you would just stand there and marvel at it. Yes there are a lot of things which need to be thought out before you dive in to a final decision and yes a pool is a large investment, but it’s an investment – not an expense. An investment means that it should just keep giving and giving.

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Should you buy a Holiday Home Overseas?

It safe to say get this not as much money in the buy to let market as they used to be. The days when you could get great rates for a property to rent out and make money being a landlord? They’re pretty much long gone. However, it can still work even if it’s not on home soil.  Many savvy people have started investing in holiday homes abroad to make more of their money. They’re all banking on the vast amounts of cash to be made from the inflated prices charged for weekly rental rates during peak season. Most holiday operators put a premium on their prices during the highest demand periods. For example, think school holidays, Christmas and new year. And why wouldn’t they?

Free Interior of contemporary house on lake on cloudy day Stock Photo


[Photo courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych/]

Out of season, the property could sit empty for weeks or even months at a time. And the mortgage and running costs still need to be paid.  You need to be able to offset those outgoings to make sure you can pay for them all year round. If you are thinking about investing in the holiday lettings market, then you need to be careful. It’s time to think long and hard about all the extra money and work involved, which will be more than your typical buy to let in your hometown. One of the reasons that people pay such a high amount to stay in lovely holiday properties is they want to go somewhere a little bit different to home.

Therefore, you need to decide where the best place to purchase is. It could be as close to home or as far away as you like, but remember to make sure you can afford to get there if there’s a major problem. You could plump for a luxury place like the Four Seasons Nevis in the West Indies for something entirely different. If that’s just too far away, stick to a cheap holiday apartment in a less exclusive resort. It all depends on what sort of cash you want to invest.

Free Slender woman resting in hammock under glowing garlands Stock Photo

[Photo courtesy of Rachel Claire/]

Running a holiday property is not a piece of cake. There’s a lot of work involved and you have to ask yourself if you are prepared to do it yourself. If not yet going to have to pay someone to do it for you and that’s going to take a chunk out of your income. There is a reward for all of this extra effort, though. Yields will be much higher, and you could make yourself more money in the long run.  Another benefit adding to the long term appealing investing in a holiday home is that you should receive tax benefits. This means you could make even more profit.

You also need to consider how you are going to get your hands on the funds to buy a holiday home. Unless you’ve got substantial savings, you going to need to borrow some money. You are not going to have as many options as if you were looking for a traditional buy to let mortgage. Calculating how much income a holiday home is going to make can be  little more than guesswork, so lenders are often hesitant.

Have you invested in property overseas? We’d love to hear your stories and tips! Please leave them in the comments below.

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How to Entertain Kids at Home

People  have less and less free time to relax and do something that would entertain them, with busy family lives as well as coping with everyday tasks at work , and around the home. It was indeed stressful to work five days a week and instead of resting and relaxing on the weekend you have to look after a mischief kid.

Having kids at home is amazing, but it constantly make some interesting challenges and problems, from homeschooling them to leisure time and to even asking them to sleep. The good thing today, technology can help to entertained the kids at home. Yes, now a days, technology became a big part of baby sitting , especially when it is too difficult to look after a kid that generally causing mischief around the house.

Our home was built to have a second floor, but due to financial constraints the construction of the second story was halted, and the stairs going up there, became a huge problem to us. My toddler niece always run to places and the stairs is her favorite space to play, it was quite dangerous because there are still no railings for support and it is a bit high for a toddler to play around.  With the thoughts that accident might happen anytime, my father decided to built  a temporary blocked, so my niece can’t run upstairs especially when she is unsupervised.

With a little bit of creativity I found ways to entertain my niece at home when she is bored. Here are some options, you can also try.

Selecting an Activity

There are many activities available for kids to do at home, but the best way to select an activity is to consider the age of your child and her interest. My niece love indoor activities like arts and crafts, so we bought a sketch pad and color box for her, since she love doodling and coloring too.

When she is bored with her color and sketch pad, she loves to play around, so we played hide and seek, and we played with her toys too. For her to be more entertained I bought simulation toys for her, like the food and kitchen simulation toys.

Watching TV Programs Design for Kids

When my niece is tired playing toys and doing arts and crafts, for a short period of time we let her watch TV  shows design for kids, which is safe and friendly. We don’t want her to imitate bad behavior from watching unhealthy TV programs, so we are kind of strict on what shows she has to watch.

Dancing and Singing

This activity is advantageous for children, because it engages their brain and it allows them to express themselves and teaches children on how to interact with other people. My niece loves to dance and sing, so it comes to the point where I am the one who gets tired singing when she keep requesting to repeat the song again and again.

Some Outdoor Activities

Of course, everyone needs a little bit of sunshine so when the weather is good.  My niece and I walked inside the compound, and I let her play and explore her surrounding with the help of our dog, who also loves to play and walk with her. Just to be safe I don’t let her hold the leash in more than three minutes, no matter how she beg and cried for it.

Safe media streaming

Watching a streaming website which was built to be a fun, family-friendly place for kids and families was very helpful too, because my niece learned a lot of songs from it.  It allow kids to explore their interests on a whim, deeply, easily, and with great entertainment.

Educational Online Games

Kids enjoy games on mobile phones and most parents can attest to that, whenever my niece is tired watching shows in the streaming website she always loves to play online without our knowing, so I searched for websites that doesn’t need an applications to play and I stumbled to, a website that offers educational games for kids and kids alike online. They have hundreds of free games across every genre, which  you can play directly in your web browser with no app downloads and each game has a set of instructions that are pretty easy to understand.

Other people might think that playing games online for kids is unhealthy, but actually it is not, it was only bad for for kids health when they play too much without doing other things, and without eating.  According to research playing and winning online games releases dopamine which can boost motivation and determination to achieve a goal.

At kids can play  a colorful and fun musical game, they can learn to play the piano, drums, xylophone, and harp and since my niece loves music and musical instruments she really love this one, as well as few other games like the Neon Invaders , a space shooting game,  the  Pocket Racing Game which is a motorcycle obstacle course game, Foot Chinko Game which is like an online soccer game, my niece loves to kick and play ball so no wonder she love this game too.

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