Why you need a Swimming Pool

Do you look in your garden and feel there is something missing? Could it possibly be that that missing thing is a swimming pool? A swimming pool is the perfect addition to your home, the thing which takes your home to the next level. Of course we have to accept that not everyone has the space – or the money – for one, but hey, we can still dream right? We all enjoy a splash in a pool, but why do you actually need one?

A swimming pool is a proven health benefit, with most doctors agreeing that a pool is an excellent source of exercise. This is because of the amount of muscles at work when you swim. The water resistance provides something for all your muscles to be working against. A good cardiovascular workout can be done by swimming lengths, water weights or aerobics or even just going out there for fun. The great thing about this is that swimming in itself is fun (though I know a lot of people would disagree with that!), it’s not something like running where you feel like you have to force yourself out of the door every time. Keeping yourself fit in the pool can also only be a good thing for your personal/love/sex life… I am sure you have all heard of the famous ‘swimmer’s body’? That can be you.

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If you aren’t into lengths, there are a number of games to play in the pool, which can be entertaining for both children and adults. In fact, that is another great thing about a swimming pool – most age groups can enjoy them. A good game can be found with the simple addition of a ball, they are not just for playing football (which would be pretty impossible to play properly in a pool) but you can always play volleyball. Okay, so you need a net too, but it’s hardly expensive and if you’re already considering a pool then I am guessing that you have some extra money to use. Pool volleyball is a fun game for anyone of any age, whether it’s a bunch of kids playing or a party activity for adults. Don’t go thinking that is the only game though, you can also buy some basketball hoops and play basketball – though admittedly bouncing the ball has the same problems as playing football in the water, but that does not stop you from trying to score a 3 pointer and becoming the Michael Jordan of your pool. I have only highlighted two games to play, but there is a plethora of games to play in your pool, the scope of your imagination provides no limits. If you are intent on playing games in your pool – (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you be!) – then you need to consider effective channel drainage solutions to help drain away all the excess water that will no doubt be splashed out of the pool during those games!

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Still not convinced? Well how about the simple fact that it’s a swimming pool. Think about that for a second, think about how awesome it would be to say that your house has a swimming pool. You will instantly become that much more popular. Sorry, but it’s true. It would be just like the first time you got your new huge HD television, you would just stand there and marvel at it. Yes there are a lot of things which need to be thought out before you dive in to a final decision and yes a pool is a large investment, but it’s an investment – not an expense. An investment means that it should just keep giving and giving.

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Choosing An Energy-Efficient Pool Pump For Your Home Pool

When you are the owner of a swimming pool that is outdoors, investing in an energy-efficient pool pump can help you to save money on your energy bill while also allowing you to keep your pool running as efficiently as possible. A pool pump not only allows you to save money on the energy you are using, but it also allows you to better maintain any set temperature you have in mind for your swimming pool throughout the year.

Choosing the Size of the Pump

Before you can begin looking into purchasing a new swimming pump, it is important to factor in the size of the pump you are interested in based on your budget, the type of swimming pool you own and any preferences you have when you are browsing for a new pump yourself. Choosing the right size of pump is a way for you to save on energy costs, especially if you choose a smaller pump that is fitting for the type of pool you own.

The larger the pump you choose to install for your own swimming pool, the higher the maintenance costs will ultimately be each month. Smaller pumps often allow you to not only save on energy, but they also allow you to maintain the pool’s temperature to any setting you prefer with ease.

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Managing the Pump

When you want to keep your pool pump as efficient as possible, you can do so by limiting the filtration period to 6 hours each day, keeping energy costs low while still allowing your pool to stay as clean and to run as efficiently as it can at all times. You can also limit to pumping your pool just 3 times a day, which can drastically reduce your electric usage and bill by nearly 60% depending on where you live and the size of the pump you are using. Running the pump on a few times each day but for less time overall is ideal for most pool owners who are looking to save but also want to keep their pool clean at all times.

How to Search for an Energy-Efficient Pool Pump

Once you have determined you would like to invest in a new energy-efficient pool pump, you can do so by searching locally at a pool supply shop and also by doing so online. Looking for a pool pump online is a way for you to compare sizes, energy output and even the compatibility each of the pumps has with the pool you are seeking to upgrade. When you look online for the type of energy-efficient pool pump that is best for you, you can easily compare the type of energy that each pump gives out as well as the prices of each pump that is available and fitting for your own pool. You can also research testimonials and reviews from those who have also purchased the pool pumps you have in mind when you begin to search online. You will notice your energy bill spent on pool cleaning  will decrease significantly, leaving money in your pocket for the more important things in life.

Written by Jamie Lovelock

Jamie runs a landscaping business. Jamie loves DIY at home and spends lots of time in his workshop when he’s not in the backyard.

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