How Home Wallpaper Enhances Our Home

Our house isn’t fully finished nor furnished yet, but we see to it that our house looks attractive both inside and outside. We have initially planned to paint our house with house paint, we already done the first coating and chooses the colors for our living room, dining and bedroom, but with not much free time to do it nor funds to continue the said home project my mother opted in buying home wallpaper which is cheaper online especially when they are purchase in bulk.

When the wallpaper home decor she ordered online came, she excitedly design our house according to her liking so when I came home from school, I was astonished how our home looks like differently, our home became more attractive and lightning was more emphasized than ever.

Wallpaper is durable and can last for many years, cost effective and they can also hide surface imperfections and just like what was expected when visitors, relatives and neighbors saw her modern home wallpaper, they started asking many home wallpaper ideas and she openly shared it to everyone and even helped them purchased the right wallpaper for their home and it didn’t just end over there, because she was able to resell home wall coverings to others who have no shopping account and unable to purchase online.

Home Wallpaper decor has been a long practice to some, but in Philippines using wallpaper as home decor is a taboo especially in the rural areas, where most houses were just plainly painted with attractive colors, so I have jokingly told my mother upon seeing her home decor, if I am still in the right home to my friends laughter when I posted the joke in my social media.

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