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The Importance of Windows:   Creating and Installing Simple yet Stylish Window

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Windows is one of the important parts of our home it provides our home with light, proper ventilation and warmth.   Installing energy-efficient window can minimize your cooling, heating and even lighting costs.

Our home is not fully finished yet, it is not even halfway to completion. The sole bedroom has no windows installed yet so when a typhoon or a strong rain came the water rain goes inside as well as the dirt; it is somehow dangerous especially when a strong wind blew.  There are times my father just nailed plywood to cover the window to keep us safe inside.

We have been planning to installed windows but because of budget constraints it never materialized.  One of the disadvantages of having an open window is we can’t leave the house for a longer period of time without the thought of someone might go inside our house coming through the open window.

WIndow Design

Recently, my father lost his job so while waiting for another project to come he decided to installed one window in the bedroom even it is just going to be a temporary one since the window is facing the open field and it is really the center of attraction, my mother didn’t stop asking him to have it done because she fear our safety after a news of house thieves are encircling in the neighbourhood, and someone witnessing a man wandering around the houses near us.

He uses the left over woods to create and design the window frames, from a distance the window creates an illusion that it is a window glass but if you will look at it closely the window was just made of woods and thick plastic cover. Very creative isn’t it?

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