Bathroom Tiles Improvement

I am so busy yesterday cleaning here in our apartment and doing some laundry. After cleaning we also undo the bathroom sink because it was plugged the water is slowly going down. We’re like a professional plumber eh, after finishing it there’s a lot of mess in the bathroom floor, molds are everywhere just so lucky the Tile floor installation is smooth it is not bumpy like in our old apartment.

I also like our bathroom tiles and wall because it is all white so you know if the bathroom is dirty or not, our old apartment tiles is not this good, it looks like made out of bricks what I mean the color resembles like the color of bricks so it is hard to tell if it is fully clean or not plus it leaves marks on my bathroom slipper so when I brought my bathroom slipper here the brownish color was transferred to the white floor just so lucky that bleach helps me to remove it.

After cleaning our apartment and unplugging the sink I have to go to the store to buy olive oil for our supply then after it I washed our bed cover and clothes, it won’t fit into the washer so I need to do two loads. That makes me busy yesterday.

Made to Measure Pleated Blinds

I have nothing to complain here in our new apartment aside from our window doesn’t have any curtains at all. So it’s bright here in the morning and in the evening because the garage is just beside us. The window too is facing our bed so I don’t know if people can see us here from outside, the glass window has an art style and thick too. So I guess they can’t see us inside on what we are doing except if they really intended to peep. My husband and I is planning to buy a curtain but the problem is we don’t know how to wear it in our window without making a big fuss on it plus to tie it every morning, so as we looking for a perfect curtain online we have found that there is Made to measure pleated blinds that make us change our minds. Blinds are easy to manage than heavy curtains you can just pull the string if you want to fold it and for sure you cannot make blinds as wiping cloth for hands like what is it usually done in curtains when someone is lazy to look for a dry cloth. The good thing pleated blinds has also a selection of colors and I can’t wait to have one maybe blue will be just right.

Importance of Safe Storage

Just got so lucky that my husband renew his contract and got our visa extended here because moving is not easy. I remember the first time we moved after my husband contract had expired, we left a lot of things in an our old apartment because we can’t carry them all especially we are going to stay in the hotel before moving to our new apartment so no matter how I like to take all the things it is not really possible. I have learned that in few places there are companies where you can store your things while you don’t need it, like those storage london I mean storage center in London where you can almost keep everything. How does it works? Like in usual storage in banks you will bring your things in the storage center, lock them in the room and come and go anytime you want as long as the center is open. There is also nothing to worry because you are the only key holder and of course the storage center has a tight security like alarm systems and CCTV surveillance. Is it a nice idea right rather than carry all the big bags and boxes in the hotel while waiting for the availability of your new apartment. I wish there’s a storage center here.

On Buying a Sofa

I am eying on buying a single sofa here in our apartment so I can sit and relax while using my computer but my husband told me why not picked one in the street so we can just left it when we transfer.  Well he has a point, plus there are times chairs and sofa are enormous in the street like what we found  few months ago in the street just near us, sets of sofa thrown by owner.

I think this sofa sets are previously own by a beer garden near the pet salon because I’ve seen the orange and green sofa in front of the establishment when they are having a renovation.


They’re still in good condition isn’t it? I have found out one time when I am watching television in the gym  that there are some people who picked and collect this kind of sofa thrown by owner and re-design it as new.

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Shelf for Free

Most of my stuff are reachable as I they are just on my side of bed. So when I am blogging all I need is to reached them with my hand. Lately my husband is getting annoyed seeing my junk (as what he called them) scattered in the floor, we don’t own any furniture here  as we don’t own this apartment, the school is paying it for us.

We don’t like buying a lot of furniture and home decors because there’s a lot to carry when we moved out, so as you can see I hide all my other belongings in the box and some are just  scattered in the floor.


In Korea they throw the things that they don’t need anymore and the shelf below is just one fine example of the things you can find in the street, as I don’t like buying metal shelf my husband and I decided to pick it up for my things.  Well as you can see my side of bed is now clean and free of junk.


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