Shelf for Free

Most of my stuff are reachable as I they are just on my side of bed. So when I am blogging all I need is to reached them with my hand. Lately my husband is getting annoyed seeing my junk (as what he called them) scattered in the floor, we don’t own any furniture here  as we don’t own this apartment, the school is paying it for us.

We don’t like buying a lot of furniture and home decors because there’s a lot to carry when we moved out, so as you can see I hide all my other belongings in the box and some are just  scattered in the floor.


In Korea they throw the things that they don’t need anymore and the shelf below is just one fine example of the things you can find in the street, as I don’t like buying metal shelf my husband and I decided to pick it up for my things.  Well as you can see my side of bed is now clean and free of junk.


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