Importance of Safe Storage

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Just got so lucky that my husband renew his contract and got our visa extended here because moving is not easy. I remember the first time we moved after my husband contract had expired, we left a lot of things in an our old apartment because we can’t carry them all especially we are going to stay in the hotel before moving to our new apartment so no matter how I like to take all the things it is not really possible. I have learned that in few places there are companies where you can store your things while you don’t need it, like those storage london I mean storage center in London where you can almost keep everything. How does it works? Like in usual storage in banks you will bring your things in the storage center, lock them in the room and come and go anytime you want as long as the center is open. There is also nothing to worry because you are the only key holder and of course the storage center has a tight security like alarm systems and CCTV surveillance. Is it a nice idea right rather than carry all the big bags and boxes in the hotel while waiting for the availability of your new apartment. I wish there’s a storage center here.

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