Affordable Bathroom Updates

If you are tired of seeing the same old accessories in your bathroom and are envious of the modern bathroom looks of your friends, it may be time for an update. You do not need to spend a huge amount of money, and you can start by choosing a great-looking towel stand or a soft bathroom rug. The next item on your “budget update” list may be your sink. You can choose from a great variety of affordable, yet stylish sinks available on the market.

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A simple accessory that can quickly change the way a bathroom looks is a towel hanger and stand. Your old hanger may no longer have its shine. You can remedy this situation by purchasing a budget towel drying stand that supports your favorite soft towels and keeps them dry after usage. If you have decided to make more solid investments into updating your bathroom and you like exquisite, sophisticated look, you should consider marble. Although there are cheaper sink varieties available, marble sinks are highly valued for their aesthetic appearance and they are a sign that the owner of the bathroom possesses great artistic taste. You can find a sink to fit in any space, and they come in a number of eye catching designs.

Updating your bathroom does not have to cost you a fortune if you choose cost-effective bathroom accessories and benefit from the available deals or discounts. It just takes a little patience and taste, and you can restore its shine and attractiveness.

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Quartz Bathroom Counter Tops – Add style, Add glamour!

Your home is a place where you come in after a tiring day and wish to relax. This is one place which has to be stylish, clean and well decorated. When it comes to designing a home, most people give importance to designing their bedroom or living room but they forget to think of their bathroom. But it should be noted that your washroom or bathroom is also one of the important places that needs to be designed in the best way. It is a place, where you take a shower at the start of the day or when you come home after a tiring day. Unless this place is clean, hygienic, well designed and full of light, you will never be able to enjoy your shower.

One of the easiest ways to add style and glamour to your bathroom is to install quartz bathroom counter-tops. This will provide your bathroom with an altogether new look. Of late, quartz bathroom counter-tops have grown quite popular in the market. So, you do not have to search much! You can simply install them in your washroom. Also, you should note that these counter-tops are now easily available online. Thus, it makes things easier for most of the homeowners. You can simply sit at home, take a look at the options online and place order!

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You must be wondering as to why one will choose quartz counter-tops for their bathroom. Well, reasons abound for the same. Considering the durability factor, these bathroom counter-tops are too good. When comparing it to other materials like granite, you will have to agree that quartz will stand out. The quartz bathroom counter-tops are extremely hard and non-porous as well as immensely resistant to the ravages of mold and mildew. This makes all the difference. Moreover, you should also note here that these counter-tops are exceptionally resistant to various types of cracks, chips, stains when compared to other materials.

The best part of bathroom counter-tops is that they are available in various sizes and designs which can fit into any kind of bathroom – big or small. Using these counter-tops will help you to play with your imagination and design your bathroom in whichever way you feel like. Thus, it will be unique and envy for others! Quartz offers extreme versatility and this makes all the difference.

With the quartz bathroom counter-tops, you will be able to maintain the cool feeling of your bathroom. Moreover, if the counter-tops have tiers, then you will be able to arrange all your bathroom utilities easily giving your bathroom a clean and tidy look. You can keep some indoor plants in your bathroom in order to make sure that it has a fresh feeling. Apart from this, make sure that your bathroom has the right amount of ventilation so that fresh air and sunlight can get into your bathroom and keep it bacteria free.

As you install bathroom counter tops, you will not have to worry much about cleaning it as they are non-porous! So, what are you waiting for? Install quartz counter-tops and make your bathroom look grand.

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A New Bathroom For Under £1,000

Most homeowners spend around $7,000 to $10,000 on each big renovation project. Over half of them will have to increase their budget to take account of issues related to poor planning. In short, we are a nation of renovators, and we love to improve the house. As a result, it is easy to define which are the first rooms to be renovated inside a home. Homeowners focus their attention on the first rooms that show signs of use, being the bathroom and the kitchen. Kitchen renovation projects are often expensive because they require to buy new appliances. There is no way around the expense, unfortunately. However, when it comes to the bathroom, while most projects remain expensive, the costs could be easily cut down with some savvy DIY craft and a lot of smart recycling thinking. Here’s how:   

Learning To Renovate

When you are looking at renovating your bathroom, it’s important to set a budget for your time and your expenses before you start. To keep your renovation low cost, you will need to invest time and efforts in it. So, make sure that you start with the right DIY gear! If you bought an old house, it’s likely that your original bathroom floor has been covered with layers of plywood and linoleum. If you want to refloor the room, you will need to go through layers of old flooring. It’s a hard manual work, but this will increase the value of your home dramatically. Besides painting the walls, with a bathroom suitable paint that is designed to resist stains and moisture, the other main area of improvement is the tiled wall around the shower or the tub. It will give your bathroom a fresh and clean look. Finally, instead of changing your bathtub or shower, you can refresh them with a refinishing kit, to find the original shine.

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Don’t Waste Anything

When you start diving into long renovation projects, you will rapidly find that you have a lot of items that can’t be reused in their original form. For example, if you start working on the plumbing system, you may find yourself with plenty of unusable scrap copper. Don’t just throw it away; if you can’t repurpose it, others can, and they will give you a fair copper per pound price. Additionally, other larger items, such as a bathroom cabinet can be repurposed into an elegant kitchen cupboard or a craft chest of drawers. Similarly, if you have an old chest of drawers, you can also repurpose it into a bathroom vanity, following the previous step-by-step tutorial.

Be Your Own Plumber

Finally, if you have ever hired a plumber, you are probably aware of the cost of a professional repair/renovation work. In most cases, with the right tools, you can tackle most bathroom projects by yourself, at a lower cost, and without much efforts. Additionally, plumbing essentials such as installing a sink or adding new water lines are a lot easier than you might think. As a rule of the thumb, you can do most of your plumbing work within an afternoon and at no cost at all if you have the appropriate tool.

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How To Make A Dream Bathroom Out Of Your Current Nightmare

A bathroom that you hate is a burden we wish on no-one. A place that should be your haven to relax, get comfortable and feel clean can often be anything but. Bad planning, degradation and poor plumbing can make it a room you’d rather avoid altogether. Having a bathroom you love is important, so we’re all behind a good total renovation. If you’re looking to transform your bathroom, our tips should help you do just that.


Before you start gutting everything and paying money out anywhere and everywhere, make a checklist. Decide everything you need, who and how many this bathroom is meant to accommodate. If you’re looking to cut some costs, see what you’re willing to tackle with DIY sense and which you need professional help for. With each step further you take, consult your checklist. Going in without a plan is the quickest way to have a bathroom you’re far from happy with.


You might very well be willing to pay to have each and every inch renovated. If you have the cash to get your dream bathroom, then why wouldn’t you? However, that doesn’t mean you can just skip the budget. There’s no reason you should find yourself spending way too much on one aspect of the bathroom. That only means you might and find that you have to settle for less further down the line. No matter your financial situation and your plans, make sure you put a budget together and make sure you stick to it. There’s little worse than a half-finished bathroom.

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If you’re completely reshaping the bathroom, you might very well be beyond the realm of DIY or having an interior decorator. Plumbing is unfortunately notorious for companies who are willing to sell you down the river and get paid to sub-par work. Make sure you hire a plumber you can trust, with the proper accreditation. If they have recommendations you can trust then that’s even better. Don’t worry, there are plenty of great plumbers out there who’ll leave you with a bathroom running squeaky clean.


Do you want your perfect bathroom but you’re not sure how to put it together? Could you benefit from the expertise of someone who knows exactly what they’re doing? The right renovator can be a god-send. They take everything you want and their expert knowledge to produce the exact bathroom of your dreams. Bathroom renovations are a big undertaking so don’t leave anything to chance. After all, you don’t want to be doing another renovation a few years down the line.

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Soak it in

Now that you’ve got your nice, lovely bathroom all put together, make sure you really enjoy it. What’s the point of having a glamorous bathroom or a luxurious bath if you’re not going to take the time to soak it in? Get yourself some of the most deliciously pampering products available. Bath salts, scented candles, get the whole lot going and just let your worries drift away. After getting this far, you’ve definitely earned it.

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How To Organize Your Bathroom

It’s always a good idea to keep your home as attractive and comfortable as possible and sometimes you realize that the way you have your home arranged and decorated just isn’t really working. It can be difficult to get a fresh perspective on what to do in order to make your home more functional, especially if you don’t consider yourself to be creative. There’s still no need to hire a professional designer when instead you can go online and surf the net for bedroom and bathroom designs. It’s sort of like walking through sample homes – by simply looking at how other people decorate you get inspiration and ideas you can execute in your own home.

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Perhaps the bathroom cabinets and shelves are at capacity in the family bathroom. There are many creative solutions to explore instead of just throwing up your hands and declaring it hopeless. Start by going through everything that is stored in the bathroom and donate, recycle or discard the items you no longer use. Often times you will find it’s just accumulated over the years and you need to cull the inventory; be sure to properly dispose of any unused or expired medications. Take stock of your towels and washcloths as they do wear out over time; many can be used as rags or donated to a pet shelter. Towels that are in good condition but not to your taste any more can always be donated or put in a pile for the next garage sale.

Turn on every light and draw the drapes so that you can clean the bathroom from top to bottom and be sure to replace any burned out light bulbs so you can  see what you are doing. Experts recommend replacing the shower curtain and bath mat on a regular basis; look for a hookless shower curtain with a built-in liner for a clean and contemporary solution.

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Improving Your Small Bathroom

When it comes time to increase the functionality and storage space in a small bathroom, the best place to begin is at the local area home improvement store. This is simply because of the fact that a home improvement store will have an abundance of amazing small bathroom ideas for the home. But it is also because of the fact that a home improvement store will always carry the best quality of merchandise in everything that has to do with home improvements.

Improving the look and feel of a small bathroom is a great idea and can provide benefits that everyone in the home is sure to appreciate. There are more typically a few key reasons as to why people feel the need for this particular room improvement. They are normally a lack of storage space, an inferior appearance, and very low functionality. Coming up with a few small bathroom ideas, making a few minor changes, and adding a couple of inexpensive items to a small bathroom, will easily improve its look and feel greatly.


As for the lack of storage space in a small bathroom, the best way to address the issue is by adding a few organizers to appropriate areas of the room. This might include adding a shower organizer that can be hung directly from the shower nozzle, to the shower itself. This will provide the extra space needed for items such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner. It might also include adding extra organizers to the main area of the bathroom.

There are racks that are made to sit directly over the toilet, that typically include a couple of shelves, which are great for organizing things such as toilet paper, towels and wash cloths, and a small basket for those little extras that might be needed from time to time. There are corner racks available, with an even greater amount of extra space, which can be used for the same purpose as the over the toilet organizers. In fact, there are even organizers that are made to fit under the sink which work out great for those entire little bathroom essentials that have no place to sit.

No matter which type of organizer you choose, you are sure to end up with much more extra space than you would have ever expected.

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Kitchen, Pantry and Bathroom Door Plan

Our new home is far from being finished, the new bathroom was finally done it should be done long time ago if we didn’t move the bathroom to the storage area.  I have asked to move it because the bathroom door is right at the kitchen, I find it awkward and unpleasant despite it was already tiled and ceiling was already made.

Kitchen and Bathroom Door

With this, we have to buy new set of tiles for the new bathroom, the fixtures like faucet, shower and toilet bowl was not yet installed so it was not really a major alternation. We made the old bathroom as a pantry so  in short we just interchange the  use of the two rooms.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Door Plan

House plan is very important when constructing a new home, without it everything will be disarray. When my family started the construction of the house they send me the copy of the house plan, I was impressed with the perspective layout of the house and didn’t look closely at the house plan. Within few months the first floor of our house was almost finished including the bathroom but the other day when my sister uploaded new photos, I was surprised to see that the bathroom door is directly facing the kitchen sink, which mean if you went out the bathroom it is already the kitchen. I didn’t like it so I asked them if they can move the door to the other side, it could be a good idea but it is not possible because the other side is already the stairs, the bathroom was built under the stairs.

Kitchen and Bathroom Door

My family told me that they send the house plan to me and I should know that the bathroom was there,  yeah I know it was there but I didn’t know that door is facing the kitchen. We made few plans like closing the door and just open a new door in the bedroom beside the bathroom, it could be a good idea but thinking that if we have visitors and they need to use the bathroom/toilet they have to go inside the bedroom first before they can use the toilet, so it is a bad idea after all.

I’ve asked my husband about my problem and he carefully looks at the house plan and he agreed that the toilet seems in the wrong location,  he suggested to make it as a pantry. I’ve told my mother and sister about it, to cut the story short when they went home they informed my father and they agreed to make the bathroom as a pantry since it was not yet fully finished and suggested to transfer the bathroom at the back of our house, the storage area rather than making two bathrooms (making the first one as private).

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