How To Organize Your Bathroom

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It’s always a good idea to keep your home as attractive and comfortable as possible and sometimes you realize that the way you have your home arranged and decorated just isn’t really working. It can be difficult to get a fresh perspective on what to do in order to make your home more functional, especially if you don’t consider yourself to be creative. There’s still no need to hire a professional designer when instead you can go online and surf the net for bedroom and bathroom designs. It’s sort of like walking through sample homes – by simply looking at how other people decorate you get inspiration and ideas you can execute in your own home.

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Perhaps the bathroom cabinets and shelves are at capacity in the family bathroom. There are many creative solutions to explore instead of just throwing up your hands and declaring it hopeless. Start by going through everything that is stored in the bathroom and donate, recycle or discard the items you no longer use. Often times you will find it’s just accumulated over the years and you need to cull the inventory; be sure to properly dispose of any unused or expired medications. Take stock of your towels and washcloths as they do wear out over time; many can be used as rags or donated to a pet shelter. Towels that are in good condition but not to your taste any more can always be donated or put in a pile for the next garage sale.

Turn on every light and draw the drapes so that you can clean the bathroom from top to bottom and be sure to replace any burned out light bulbs so you can  see what you are doing. Experts recommend replacing the shower curtain and bath mat on a regular basis; look for a hookless shower curtain with a built-in liner for a clean and contemporary solution.

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