Creating A Vintage Bathroom

One of the biggest design trends to come out of recent years has to be the vintage look. Cropping up in new builds, cafes and work places up and down the country, the vintage look has earned itself a firm place at the top of the design world as of late. The vintage style is an easy to recreate design and is a great way of revamping a bathroom to breathe a new lease of life in to your home.

Wall Tiles

The key step to achieving that vintage look is by installing white metro tiles. Metro tiles are an iconic feature of any vintage look thanks to their historical use in the London Underground. Not only this, but a white tile will help to make any room feel larger and more airy, transforming an otherwise drab space in to one that feels spacious and inviting. For a true vintage look, use a gloss metro tile. Their shine is unparalleled and will bring in a beautiful sense of light to a room while also being unbelievably easy to clean. To further enhance this vintage look, use a contrasting grout colour. With a while metro tile use a grey or black grout to make the tile really pop. This gives an authentic vintage look and gives your tiles a chance to shine through as a design feature. Don’t feel as though you are restricted to white tiles, you can still get that vintage look using other colours such as black or grey. While colour is less important, it is worth noting that the metro tile is your best bet design wise compared to other tile types.

Floor Tiles

For your floor use a patterned tile, ideally a black and white design. The contrast of the block colour from the wall tiles and the black and white pattern on your floor creates a gorgeous sense of dimension to your bathroom. The patterned tile is perfect for the vintage look as it introduces a more sophisticated design theme. Try to aim for a geometric pattern as opposed to an abstract or floral design. The geometric design is far more true to the vintage look and will automatically improve the general aesthetic of the room.


No vintage bathroom is complete without the use of copper or tarnished metals. When looking for faucets for example, copper is an excellent way of emulating that distressed look. Similarly, a feature bath makes for a beautiful centre point in a room. When trying to achieve the vintage look its important to remember that often more is less. Think exposed radiators, bare floorboards and light fixtures without lamp shades to give that stunning industrial and stripped down look. As well as this, try including vintage furniture pieces such as metallic soap dishes or toothbrush holders, the vintage looks works by combining all of the little things to create one truly unbelievable look.

Creating the vintage look has never been easier thanks to its popularity over recent years. The focal point of creating the vintage look however is in the tiles. Choosing the right tile will propel your bathroom in the right direction in an instant. Tiles are essentially the blank canvas from which you build your whole design, so it’s important to plan them meticulously before you buy and install them. From there, the rest should come with ease until you have your dream vintage bathroom.

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Quartz Bathroom Counter Tops – Add style, Add glamour!

Your home is a place where you come in after a tiring day and wish to relax. This is one place which has to be stylish, clean and well decorated. When it comes to designing a home, most people give importance to designing their bedroom or living room but they forget to think of their bathroom. But it should be noted that your washroom or bathroom is also one of the important places that needs to be designed in the best way. It is a place, where you take a shower at the start of the day or when you come home after a tiring day. Unless this place is clean, hygienic, well designed and full of light, you will never be able to enjoy your shower.

One of the easiest ways to add style and glamour to your bathroom is to install quartz bathroom counter-tops. This will provide your bathroom with an altogether new look. Of late, quartz bathroom counter-tops have grown quite popular in the market. So, you do not have to search much! You can simply install them in your washroom. Also, you should note that these counter-tops are now easily available online. Thus, it makes things easier for most of the homeowners. You can simply sit at home, take a look at the options online and place order!

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You must be wondering as to why one will choose quartz counter-tops for their bathroom. Well, reasons abound for the same. Considering the durability factor, these bathroom counter-tops are too good. When comparing it to other materials like granite, you will have to agree that quartz will stand out. The quartz bathroom counter-tops are extremely hard and non-porous as well as immensely resistant to the ravages of mold and mildew. This makes all the difference. Moreover, you should also note here that these counter-tops are exceptionally resistant to various types of cracks, chips, stains when compared to other materials.

The best part of bathroom counter-tops is that they are available in various sizes and designs which can fit into any kind of bathroom – big or small. Using these counter-tops will help you to play with your imagination and design your bathroom in whichever way you feel like. Thus, it will be unique and envy for others! Quartz offers extreme versatility and this makes all the difference.

With the quartz bathroom counter-tops, you will be able to maintain the cool feeling of your bathroom. Moreover, if the counter-tops have tiers, then you will be able to arrange all your bathroom utilities easily giving your bathroom a clean and tidy look. You can keep some indoor plants in your bathroom in order to make sure that it has a fresh feeling. Apart from this, make sure that your bathroom has the right amount of ventilation so that fresh air and sunlight can get into your bathroom and keep it bacteria free.

As you install bathroom counter tops, you will not have to worry much about cleaning it as they are non-porous! So, what are you waiting for? Install quartz counter-tops and make your bathroom look grand.

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Creating A More Modern Bathroom

When homeowners want to make changes to the house, they need to make sure they give attention to their bathrooms. Working with a company like Modern is going to allow homeowners to make sweeping changes to all their bathrooms. These changes may seem extreme, but they are needed when people are trying to create a better place to be. Changing each item listed below is going to allow the homeowner to have a more valuable and attractive house.


Changing the toilets in the bathroom will help to save water. Also, these toilets make it much easier for homeowners to save space in the room. The toilets look much better in the room, but they also help to save needed space in smaller bathrooms.

Nameeks Knief Victorian BathtubTubs

Homeowners can change to clawfoot tubs that are going to become the center of the room. These tubs are often the inspiration for a change in the house, and they can be one of the nicest furniture pieces in the whole of the space. If a homeowner is willing to make one of these drastic changes, they will find that they have a bathroom that is the envy of anyone who comes over to the house.


When the homeowner is willing to change all the fixtures in the room, they are going to bring a new style to the space. These changes may involve a change of color, metal or style. These fixtures often bring out more style than anything else in the room. The homeowner should choose wisely so that they can bring about the style change they are looking for. The same is true for the handles and knobs in the room. The accessories must be chosen wisely to make sure the room always looks its best.

When a homeowner changes their bathroom, they are going to save a great deal of money and space. The bathroom can be the most valuable room in the house, but it must be designed to be a valuable room. All the changes above will help the homeowner to reap the benefits of modern styling.

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Bathroom Accessories Set

Updating your bathroom  accessories is one of the easiest way to give your bathroom a new look,  bathroom accessories come in many styles, colors and designs.  A few ideas when looking for bathroom accessories online would be soap dishes, towel bars, pump dispensers, shelves and toilet paper roll holders.

Bathroom Accessories

Plumbing fixtures such as new faucets and handles are accessories are also one of the accessories you might consider buying.  They also come in variety of finishes, colors and designs. Lighting and mirrors are two of the most important additions as they provide the overall ambiance of the bathroom.

My mother bought the new accessories for our bathroom and we are glad they come on set with the toilet bowl. It was convenient rather than buying them separately, they are made of ceramics.

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