Kitchen and Bathroom Door Plan

House plan is very important when constructing a new home, without it everything will be disarray. When my family started the construction of the house they send me the copy of the house plan, I was impressed with the perspective layout of the house and didn’t look closely at the house plan. Within few months the first floor of our house was almost finished including the bathroom but the other day when my sister uploaded new photos, I was surprised to see that the bathroom door is directly facing the kitchen sink, which mean if you went out the bathroom it is already the kitchen. I didn’t like it so I asked them if they can move the door to the other side, it could be a good idea but it is not possible because the other side is already the stairs, the bathroom was built under the stairs.

Kitchen and Bathroom Door

My family told me that they send the house plan to me and I should know that the bathroom was there,  yeah I know it was there but I didn’t know that door is facing the kitchen. We made few plans like closing the door and just open a new door in the bedroom beside the bathroom, it could be a good idea but thinking that if we have visitors and they need to use the bathroom/toilet they have to go inside the bedroom first before they can use the toilet, so it is a bad idea after all.

I’ve asked my husband about my problem and he carefully looks at the house plan and he agreed that the toilet seems in the wrong location,  he suggested to make it as a pantry. I’ve told my mother and sister about it, to cut the story short when they went home they informed my father and they agreed to make the bathroom as a pantry since it was not yet fully finished and suggested to transfer the bathroom at the back of our house, the storage area rather than making two bathrooms (making the first one as private).

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