Headboards, Canopy Beds & More

The bedroom is the inner sanctum of a home, the place where you go to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Because a bedroom is not a common area which will be seen by family and friends, many people scrimp on decorating the bedroom and go with a simple Hollywood bed fame, skipping headboards or any other sort of ornamentation. They have the basics – a nightstand or two, a dresser and perhaps a chair.

When you think about it you spend almost a third of your life in bed – don’t you deserve to treat yourself at least as well as you might treat company? It does not cost much to outfit a bedroom in a style that is warm and welcoming; creating a bedroom that is a reflection of your personal style can be a rewarding effort that pays dividends for years to come.

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If your mattress is a bit tired you can easily improve conditions by investing in a foam or feather mattress pad or mattress enhancer – these help to extend mattress life and provide a better sleeping surface. New bedding is a fast and easy way to change the look of a room and you don’t need to be a designer or interior decorator to create an amazing look. Most bedding ensembles include a bed skirt, quilt or comforter and one or two pillows shams, all of which have been selected to coordinate perfectly.

A net canopy enhances any bed – the simple mesh netting can be draped at the head or foot of the bed or gathered to one side as a swag; bed canopies add drama and romance to the look of a room and are easy to install in minutes. A bed throw is another way to add visual interest to a mundane bedroom.

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Creating a Guest Bedroom That Your Guests Wont Want To Leave!

Have an unused room in your home? Rather than stuffing it with junk and boxes, how about turning it into usable space? Creating a guest bedroom means that friends and family can stay over (without having to sleep on the sofa!) You can go as simple or fancy with it as you like, but either way there are a few essentials that will make it as comfortable as possible. Check out these five tips for creating a guest bedroom that people won’t want to leave.

A Comfortable bed

Forget about the wonky old camp bed or blow up mattress you have hanging out in your attic, just as you would choose a comfortable bed for yourself you should choose one for your guests too. A memory foam mattress will suit most people, they offer the most support and also alleviate allergies so are a good choice for guest rooms. A DIY headboard makes a good project that you can probably complete in just one afternoon. Finish off the bed with clean and cosy sheets, a good quality duvet and plush pillows.

Storage Space

Guests will need somewhere to unpack their things and hang up their clothes, and so sufficient storage space is a must. But why buy ready made furniture when you can build your own or hire a handy man for those pesky jobs? Custom built furniture will be a perfect fit for the space you have, which is particularly useful when guest bedrooms tend to be on the smaller side in the majority of homes. Plus you can put your carpentry skills to the test, most simple pieces of furniture don’t require too many tools so aside from the wood you probably already own everything you need. There are loads of ideas for projects online so have a scour through and decide what will work in your space.

A Tray of Essentials

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Leaving out a tray of essentials can make all the difference in making your guest’s stay as pleasant as possible, plus it shows you’ve really thought about them. A bottle of water, some snacks and some toiletries are a good start. You could even consider a universal phone charger and a couple of books as well. Don’t forget to leave them the code to the wifi! You could make the tray yourself or even upcycle an old one; lining it with decorative paper and adding a perspex sheet over the top is a quick way to tie it in with the rest of the decor in the room.

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are an obvious choice, your guests aren’t going to get much sleep with car headlights and lampposts shining through the window at night. You can create blackout blinds yourself with some thermal blackout fabric, a sewing machine and a blind kit. Slatted vertical blackout blinds are another good option, as then your guests are able to adjust them to their own personal preference. Adding some curtains over the top will really finish off the window area.

A Neutral Colour Scheme

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Regardless of your personal tastes, keeping a guest room neutral will mean it appeals to everyone. Light, neutral shades will keep the room looking bright and airy, and make it appear larger. You could add a few colourful touches with homemade cushions and throws- but try not to go overboard and overwhelm the space with your own personal treasures.

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Buying Luxury on a Budget: Bedding and Bedsheets

If you are on a budget, you can still create an engaging, luxurious look to your home or apartment. This starts with your bedroom and how you accessorize and decorate this area. Luxury bedding, such as Croscill bedding, add both flair and pizzazz to your sleeping area. Bedding comes in a variety of styles, colors and patterns and can help shift your room from old fashioned to contemporary in the blink of an eye.


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If you have antiquated bedding, luxury bedding in satin is a fantastic upgrade. These bedding options offer a sleek and elegant appearance. Additionally, satin maintains its novel appearance for a longer period of time and repels dust so that it stays luxurious. Croscill decorative bedding is an option that has plump characteristics, giving your bed a fuller appearance. This is a wonderful attribute for your guest room in the house. Finally, make sure that the pillows and accessories around the room match the bedding to maintain uniformity and cap off your design.

Sometimes, a small alteration with your bedding can change the whole appearance of a room without the steep price. This is a fantastic alternative to a complete remodeling of a room, which can cost thousands of dollars. Incorporate your own style and personality into the bedding that you select whether it is of the satin or linen variety from Croscill or another brand.

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Bedroom Ideas to Enjoy Deep Slumber

Most people are unaware of the relationship of a clean and comfortable bedroom to the quality of their sleep. What they give importance is their living room where they receive their guests. They spend three-fourth of their lives in their bedroom either to relax, watch television, read a book or sleep.

The bedroom is your comfort zone when you are depressed or when you spend intimate moments with your spouse. With numerous activities that you are doing in your room, you have to learn some bedroom ideas to make it your perfect hideaway.

Visualize what you want for your bedroom.

Before you can lay-out the plan for your room, close your eyes and spend a few minutes visualizing what improvements you would want for your room. Get a pen and paper and try sketching your plan.

Bedroom Ideas

Configure the Bedroom Size.

If you know how exactly your bedroom size is, it will be easy for you to put your furnishings and furniture inside. You don’t need a big bed if you sleep alone in a small room. Avoid putting a lot of furnishings that you don’t actually need because they can distract your normal movement.

Make use of empty space.

Built-in cabinets can save space in your room. You can look for cabinet designs that will fit to the exact size of your room. Cabinets minimize the clutter and maximize space.

Adorn the walls with mirrors.

Mirrors can fill the empty space in a huge bedroom. They make the room appear bigger and they are good room accessories because they are easy to clean. Just ignore the possibility that they can invite some entities into your room.

Install high ceilings for proper ventilation.

An ideal bedroom should have high ceilings to allow the air to circulate. The sun is getting hotter and the high temperature can trigger respiratory diseases. It is important to call your home improvement service provider to renovate the room before the summer months set in.

Bedrooms come in different types such as transitional, contemporary, modern, conventional, eclectic and romantic. Whatever you want for your room, always prioritize comfort and functionality before starting the bedroom remodeling.

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Music Theme Bedroom

My mother, my sister and I was discussing earlier about the color or theme of our bedrooms when the construction of our house was already finished. I choose blue and brown while my mother choose light blue for their room and my sister love the pink and purple for her room she is into music so I think a music theme bedroom is a perfect choice for her.

Music Theme Bedroom

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Music theme bedroom are popular to young people who are music enthusiast, if you are planning to have this theme for your own room you might as well consider buying Gibson guitars to complete your design and collection.

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