Bedroom Ideas to Enjoy Deep Slumber

Most people are unaware of the relationship of a clean and comfortable bedroom to the quality of their sleep. What they give importance is their living room where they receive their guests. They spend three-fourth of their lives in their bedroom either to relax, watch television, read a book or sleep.

The bedroom is your comfort zone when you are depressed or when you spend intimate moments with your spouse. With numerous activities that you are doing in your room, you have to learn some bedroom ideas to make it your perfect hideaway.

Visualize what you want for your bedroom.

Before you can lay-out the plan for your room, close your eyes and spend a few minutes visualizing what improvements you would want for your room. Get a pen and paper and try sketching your plan.

Bedroom Ideas

Configure the Bedroom Size.

If you know how exactly your bedroom size is, it will be easy for you to put your furnishings and furniture inside. You don’t need a big bed if you sleep alone in a small room. Avoid putting a lot of furnishings that you don’t actually need because they can distract your normal movement.

Make use of empty space.

Built-in cabinets can save space in your room. You can look for cabinet designs that will fit to the exact size of your room. Cabinets minimize the clutter and maximize space.

Adorn the walls with mirrors.

Mirrors can fill the empty space in a huge bedroom. They make the room appear bigger and they are good room accessories because they are easy to clean. Just ignore the possibility that they can invite some entities into your room.

Install high ceilings for proper ventilation.

An ideal bedroom should have high ceilings to allow the air to circulate. The sun is getting hotter and the high temperature can trigger respiratory diseases. It is important to call your home improvement service provider to renovate the room before the summer months set in.

Bedrooms come in different types such as transitional, contemporary, modern, conventional, eclectic and romantic. Whatever you want for your room, always prioritize comfort and functionality before starting the bedroom remodeling.

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Buy Quilt Bedding Sets of Beautiful Designs

Long before there was an international recycling moving, the tradition of quilting had taken on one of its key tenets. Women and men who made quilts were able to repurpose old clothing or remnant fabric in order to make bright, unmatched large squares for bedding. This was an especially useful technique during times of war when food, clothing and other essentials had to be rationed. Savvy seamstresses knew nothing, no matter how far it seemed beyond repair, was wasted. Every worn and torn garment could have a new purpose. The patchwork quilts at Linens-n-More honors this tradition with their wide array of bright patterns.

Herringbone Square Quilt

[Herringbone Square Quilt]

Priced from just above $100 up to about $390, this bedding is hand quilted and made of 100 percent cotton. One pattern that breaks with the usual color scheme is the Herringbone Square quilt made by Donna Sharp. The squares are gradients of a grayscale, and the quilt comes in king, queen and twin size varieties. Sharp’s quilt is staged in a room that continues the chromatic design. It pops against a white rug and is accessorized with black and white photography, black small furniture and large black and white art pieces strategically leaned against a distant wall. It is easy for any viewer to imagine the quilt draped cozily across his bed.

Kettle Grove Quilt

[Kettle Grove Quilt]

The eye-catching Kettle Grove Quilt provides a slightly different approach to patchwork design. The squares are small and uniform, and the alternating light and dark patterns help the lines look sharp. This variation on the design is a reminder that age-old traditions can always have some merit in modern times.

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Creating a Space in a Bijou Bedroom

We don’t always get the bedrooms we want. Sometimes, you have to put your dreams of a massive king-sized bedroom on the backburner and make do with what you have. A lot of people feel concerned by the prospect of dealing with a small bedroom, but it really doesn’t have to be such a hardship.

Making a small bedroom look bigger by creating the illusion of space is a skill that everyone should learn, particularly if you move home frequently for one reason or another. It may help to leaf through some design magazines, or visit websites like Betta Living to get some inspiration.

Think about function

Most people who get stuck with the smallest room in the flat or house tend to just use it to sleep and get changed, opting to spend their work or relaxation time in the living room instead. If your room is exceedingly small, you may well be restricted as to what you can do in it, but with a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to do a little bit more.

Bedroom, Room, Youth, Design, Inside House

[Image courtesy of Irainero/]

By rearranging the furniture in your room to maximize floor space (you can put your wardrobe and bed up against the corners of the room), you can make the spare corner of the room your ‘reading nook’ – or whatever else you fancy.

A simple light fixture and a beanbag will give your room a little extra scope. If space permits, maybe you could even fit a small desk in there.

Purpose-built furniture

Instead of cramming in traditional wardrobes, try and buy or fit a wardrobe with sliding doors, which will save you space when taking clothes out.

Likewise, try and get a bed that has plenty of storage space underneath for stuff you don’t need regular access to, but still want to keep.

Use the walls

If space is an issue, you could restrict your wall decorations to one large piece of art, allowing you to use the rest of the wall space for open shelving. By installing some shelves on the walls, you can get rid of that unnecessary floor-standing bookcase and move your films, video games and books on to the higher shelves.

Now that the bookcase is out of the way, you have a little more space on the floor. A good way of preserving space is to buy two small chests of drawers to stack on top of each other.

So as you can see form the above tips, with a bit of imagination and ingenuity, you can make your bedroom less of a claustrophobic squeeze and more of a cozy den.

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Outlet Furniture Store in Athens, Georgia

Residents of northeast Georgia who need to furnish their homes will be happy to find a furniture store in Athens GA that has furniture for every room. They can purchase all the furniture they need in just one store.

Adults can buy everything they need to furnish their bedrooms. Beds, dressers, mirrors and nightstands are available. Shoppers will not need to visit another store to purchase mattresses or bed linens. Bed linens sold here include sheets, blankets, quilts and bedspreads. Furniture for children’s room includes sets with delicate touches for little girls and sturdy furniture for little boys.

Furniture Store

[Image not Mine]

Seating options available for living rooms include sofas, chairs and recliners. Shoppers can also buy media centers, coffee tables and end tables to completely furnish their living rooms. Recliners and media centers can be used to furnish a den or a media room. People who want to set up a home office will find writing desks here.

Every piece of furniture needed for a dining room is available here. There are dining sets that will seat 10 people and small tables that will fit in a kitchen. Buffets and sideboards to store china and table linens can be purchased to match the dining sets.

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Modern Bedroom Furniture

Now a days we have many options on how to style and beautify our home especially our bedroom.  It is the place where we relax our tired body and mind, the place where we rest and sleep.   Rest assured that we want our bedroom to be comfortable, warm and cozy.

If you are planning to remodel your bedroom you should try using modern bedroom furniture to make an exquisite look, elegant and comfortable stye. Using wood furniture can be stylish, luxurious and modern they are easily available in any store and even on online shops but you have to remember on buying furniture,  the looks should complement on the furniture in your home or to the design you are planning. Don’t buy large furniture when you only have small room because it doesn’t look right, your room should look spacious rather than jammed.

[Image not Mine]

One of other things to consider also on buying  modern bedroom furniture is the  color and style of the furniture. It should match on your wall, ceiling and even flooring. Don’t buy different color or shades because your room will look like cluttered rather than appealing.

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