The Refreshing Benefits of a Kitchen Redesign

The Refreshing Benefits of a Kitchen Redesign

Opting for a new kitchen is something people choose to do for a variety of reasons. It may be that they are approaching selling their home and feel a new kitchen would create the best impression to prospective buyers, or they might just feel it would be beneficial to improve the look and layout of this centrally important room for a more convenient space. Whatever the reasons, several benefits are created as a direct result of redesigning your kitchen, and for the most part, this makes it money well spent. So what dividends can you expect from overhauling your kitchen design?

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Freshen Up A High-Traffic Room

The kitchen is often one of the busiest rooms in the home and a focal point for family traffic throughout your home. As a result, the kitchen is very much a showpiece room in many family homes and an important bell weather for interior style. With bespoke luxury kitchens designed by Mike Taylor, and similar companies, you can freshen up this high-traffic room in your home, while also improving the overall interior look of your household. It doesn’t have to be major – even small redecorations and touch-ups can drag your room into a more stylish place, so you can get more enjoyment from your home.

Make The Most Of Your Space

Floor space is at a premium in all but the most expensive homes, and making the most of every square foot is important in terms of providing you with a comfortable home that is both stylish and practical. By redesigning the layout and positioning of your kitchen space, you can make the most of the space you have available, while also improving overall design elements in your room. With minimalist design themes in your kitchen, you can open up the room, creating a brighter space with more practical surfaces and spaces for you and your family to enjoy.

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Add Value to Your Home

Of course, everyone knows kitchens sell houses. And when it comes to renovating your current kitchen, you can expect to be adding value to your home, helping you seal the deal at a higher price if you’re thinking of moving on. The investment in a redeveloped kitchen can be more than paid for in the increased selling price of your home, so if you are interested in adding value, a kitchen redesign is probably one of the most effective ways to secure this benefit.

There are plenty of reasons you might consider a redesign of your current kitchen space, not least to get more utility from this most important of rooms. Whether you want to add value, spruce up an old room or just get a little more use out of your space, a kitchen redesign can be the ticket to achieving these aims.

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Incorporating Vintage into The Kitchen

Vintage interior design refers to the furniture, fabrics and other elements that create a nostalgic feel in a room. Generally speaking, vintage designs may draw from a number of periods, including the Victorian and Edwardian periods; the 1920s and Art Deco era; the post-WWII era and the 1950s and the psychedelic 60s and the 70s disco era. More specifically, vintage refers to design elements and style that recalls the look and feel of the 1940s and 50s.

Incorporating vintage design into a room, for example the kitchen, may begin on a small scale. Simply adding in vintage canisters, an old-fashioned bread box or advertising imagery can create a vintage 50s look in a modern kitchen. There are a great variety of furniture pieces and accessories to be found in specialty stores, antique stores and even at local sales and flea markets, to help create the look. With the addition of popular paint colors and finishes from the era and some simple window coverings, a vintage-style kitchen is easy to achieve.

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Vintage kitchen accessories and furniture

Furniture designs from the 50s made use of many, at the time, new materials; one of the most popular and iconic being chrome. A mainstay of the 50s-era diner, chrome can be used to form the base of a Formica-topped kitchen table, vinyl-covered chairs or swivel bar stools. Caned-back chairs are a slightly more formal way to go when paired with a coordinating table.

Appliances from the 50s are still to be found and some may even be in working order; however, many of the old designs for these durable metal machines have been reproduced to blend well with vintage kitchen designs, among them lever-handled refrigerators, ice boxes and Chambers cook-stoves.

Vintage 50s accessories include red and white enamelware dishes and cookware; glass milk bottles and vintage milk cans; bread boxes and vintage and reprinted art designs and advertising images.

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Vintage colors and finishes

The color palette in the 50s was characterized by a wide array of hues, ranging from natural stains and white to Mackinac green, a soft forest green. In addition, golden yellow, light gray, medium gray-blue, desert sand and pale mist green were also popular throughout the period. Enamel paints and finishes were widely used in 50s era kitchens, from the furniture and cabinetry, to the walls and even the floors.

Directional design was a popular and functional choice during the 50s. Using the direction in which a particular room faces as a guideline, directional design guides the choice of color to be used, based on how much natural light enters the room and its overall temperature. On account of their exposure to the sun, south and west facing kitchens tend to be described as “hot”, so cooler blues and greens are the best choice. North-facing kitchens tend to be “cold”, so choosing “warm” or “hot” colors, including yellow, orange and red, work best. East facing rooms are flexible and can pull colors from both palettes.

Vintage window dressings

Vintage 50s-era window coverings are both simple and decorative. Full window panels in gingham fabrics, with clean white tie-backs; valances featuring charming and animated motifs, such as teapots, fruit or vegetables; white curtains edged in colored bands and custom shutters painted in period colors, are all great examples of the style.

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Creating a Killer Kitchen: 5 Simple Changes That’ll Make a Difference

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. This is where you and your family come together at the start of the day to eat breakfast. And it’s also where you can all catch up while you eat your evening meal at the end of the day too. So, if you want to create a better kitchen in your home, here are five changes that will make a difference.

  1. Change the Faucet

The main faucet in your kitchen is used every day. If it hasn’t been updated for a decade or more, it’s probably starting to look a little out of date. You can get advanced faucets that offer boiling water now too. So, you should think about replacing the faucet if you want to give your kitchen a modern twist. It could be one of the best things you do in your kitchen.

  1. Light Up Your Worktops

Your worktops need to have strong and precise lights pointing down on them if you are going to prepare food properly and safely. If you only have one ceiling light in the kitchen, this is something you should aim to change. It won’t be enough to shine light on what you’re doing on your worktops, especially if you have a large kitchen area. You can fix the problem by adding some lights to the underside of your kitchen cabinets above the worktops.

  1. Break Down Barriers

If you ask me, there should be no barriers between your kitchen and the dining room. Why not do what you can to cook the food in the same space as where you eat it? This could be a simple case of switching around the layout of the kitchen dining space. Or you might need to knock down a wall in order to make the most of both rooms and join them together. That might sound like a big job, but it will make the home feel more spacious, and your dining experience will be improved.

  1. Make More of Your Storage Options

The storage options in your kitchen are also important. You should make the most of them if you want to make the most of the kitchen as a whole. By doing this, you will be able to make sure that you can find everything easily. For example, you could hang up the saucepans above the oven. Displaying your items is often a good way of storing them in the kitchen. You should also add stainless steel drawer slides to the drawers to make them easier to use.

  1. Open it Up Into the Garden

The garden is usually right next to the kitchen. So, why not make the most of this fact? You could install new patio doors. This can make it easier to open up the kitchen into the garden. During the summer months, you can simply throw open the doors and bring the outdoors indoors. You can then spend time in the kitchen and the garden and make the most of both spaces. It can really improve your summer evenings too.

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The Five Keys To Making Your Home Earn You Some Money

Your home is the place where you live, where you and loved ones can enjoy a peaceful life and leave all your cares outside. That’s not all it is, however. It’s also an asset. The asset that’s probably worth more than any other you own. So treat as an important part of your finances and you might find it helping those finances grow. There are a lot great ways to make a great investment out of your home. Following the tips below will have you piling on the worth in no-one. Even if selling isn’t on your mind, adding value to your home never hurts.


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The kitchen

The kitchen is not just the part of the home where we spend a lot of our time cooking, eating and cleaning. It’s the heart of the home when it comes to selling it. There are a lot of different things you can to renovate your kitchen, depending on how much time and effort you put into it. Updating your surfaces to granite gives it a contemporary look that will offend few. Smart storage additions will give more space, always a good idea.

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The bathroom

The bathroom is the other heart of the home when it comes to selling. It should feel like a place of utmost luxury and relaxation. The bathroom is also the room that can degrade a lot faster than others if we’re not careful. Turn your nightmare bathroom into a place of total relaxation. You’ll add value to the home and love your newly kitted room as well.


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The garden

The exterior of the home is incredibly important to how much worth is attributed to it in the end. There’s a lot you can do to add value to it as well. You can use patios and landings to add more useable space to it. The right floral arrangements and gardening set-ups can give it the pizazz that really brings in the worth. Water features like pools and fountains are always a smart bet, as long as you’re willing to maintain them. If you have the space and money for it all, the services of the right backyard designers could implement them all in one design.

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The conservatory

The above tips are sure to add value and selling quality to the home. However, there’s nothing quite as reliable to the value of a home than sheer space. One way to add that valuable space is by fitting it on the side of the house. Not only do conservatories add space, but they can add the selling quality in how aesthetically pleasing they are. Conservatories can be used in all kinds of ways, so adding them is rarely a bad idea.


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The loft

The other easy way to add a lot of space to your home, often less expensive than a conservatory, is by converting your loft. Most homes have a near floor’s worth of usable space that is going to waste as storage. Lofts can be converted into bathrooms, offices, bedrooms or whatever you like. If you could do with a bit more utility in the home, the loft could be the answer.

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Kitchen Renovations and Contemporary Cabinets

House furniture needs to be functional but it doesn’t always mean they cannot be stylish and trendy. One of the integral part of your kitchen is the kitchen cabinets. They are indispensable part of the kitchen, you can store anything from kitchen utensils to crockery to smaller kitchen accessories in your home.

If you are planning to improve the look of your kitchen you should start from the cabinets because they are first thing to be noticed inside your kitchen so it is best to keep your kitchen cabinets within the style of your kitchen, but renovating them is costly.  One of the best alternative when improving your contemporary cabinets is by refacing them instead of replacing and make sure that they’re also providing your kitchen with enough space and functionality so that your whole kitchen feels usable and spacious.

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