Colorful Pinch Pleat Curtains for Healthy Mind and Body

Curtains are part of any home decorating ideas. Their presence can be magical when they create a beautiful artistry in homes, offices and hotels. It is no wonder why interior designers would include the curtains in their top ten lists. A window without curtains looks motionless and boring. Curtains are comparable to your dress and they create a convivial atmosphere with their unique designs and style.

Among interior designers highly recommended curtain style are the pinch pleat curtains. They are the typical curtains that look formal and cool. The pleats are intricately sewn to give the curtains fullness while hanging on a decorative drapery rod. Jacquard, floral and prints are ideal fabric designs for a pinch pleat curtain.

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The simplicity of the pinch pleat curtain makes them ideal for any type of architecture. They do not go out of style if they are adorned in baroque and Gothic inspired homes. What’s more if you adorn them in a contemporary or log house. Their appeal is overwhelming and creates an illusion of wealth and fame.

When your room is adorned with pinch pleat curtains, you can feel the luxurious ambiance of a hotel room. As you wake up each morning, you don’t feel like going out from your room. For bedrooms, choose bold colors to keep the emotions burning with passion while having your romantic interlude with your spouse. The most ideal color is burgundy, crimson or any shades of red.

The kids’ room should be adorned with playful colors such as red, yellow, pink, orange, aqua blue and floral prints to keep the mind active. Students are encouraged to adorn their bedroom with red curtains to stimulate their brain and increase the body processes and blood circulation. Rooms with patients who are suffering with psychosomatic illness are advised to hang yellow curtains to purify their minds from any negative thoughts.

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Cheap Grommet Curtains – Modern Style For Any Home

Grommet curtains have a unique design which has made them gain popularity off late. At the very top of these curtains, there are holes which enables one to put them through each other. This is a great feature especially when compared with normal curtain styles of hanging from a curtain rod. This also gives it a wavy look that can’t be found in the normal curtains.

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Because of this unique feature of grommet curtains, they were very expensive once. But as of today, they are much more affordable. Although they are still not as cheap as your normal curtains, they are nowadays available with just around everyone’s budget. These curtains come in a wide range of colorful and exciting designs and are among one of the most contemporary styles you can find that can match with almost any décor.

When selecting between colors and designs, chose the one that will bring out those lesser-used accessories in the room so they can appear to pop up or chose already well-established colors so as to have the curtains blend in simply.

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