6 Home Improvements You Should Make When You Are Pregnant!

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When you find out you are expecting a baby, it’s an amazing time for you and your partner. You are bringing a little one into the world who you will love and adore (well, most of the time). You will have plenty you need to buy for the baby including a crib, a pushchair, and a dozen packs of nappies. You may decide to move home to have more space for the little one. But if you decide to stay where you are, there are several things you should do in your home to make it more suitable for a little baby. After all, there now will be three, not two of you. Here are six home improvements you should make when you are expecting a baby.

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Create a nursery

One of the first home improvements you should make when you are pregnant is to create a nursery. You will need to look at the current bedrooms in your home and decide which one will now be the nursery. You may need to have a home extension if you don’t currently have space in your home for a new baby. A lot of people convert their attic so that they can have one or two extra rooms. You should get a company out to discuss how much it will cost to convert the loft. Of course, the baby will be in with you for the first few months of its life. But a nursery is essential to hold all their stuff and have the crib and changing unit in there. You may want to use the smallest bedroom as a nursery, and then as they grow, you can move them into a larger bedroom. As we discuss here, it’s a lot of fun decorating the nursery for your baby. You need to choose a great neutral color to decorate the room in that will last for the first year or two. You may need to choose a different carpet now for the room too. Go for a darker color so that any stains don’t show easily. You may want to go for wood flooring so it’s easy to clean.

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Consider changing the heating

Another home improvement you should make when you are pregnant is to consider changing the heating. It’s so important that your home is properly heated when you are having a baby. The baby needs to be able to keep warm in your property so they can stay comfortable. As this feature reveals, you should make sure the baby’s room is between 68 and 72 degrees. Therefore, if your heating isn’t working effectively, you should look into getting a new efficient boiler. You can speak to companies about fitting a boiler, such as from Save Home Heat. A thermostat would be good too so you know exactly what the current temperature is. That way, you will know whether you need to turn it up or down. Getting a new boiler should help you reduce your energy bill which is good when you have to pay out lots for the new baby!

Check the condition of the stairs

An additional home improvement you should make when you are pregnant is you should be checking the condition of the stairs. You need to make sure that the carpet is still fitted correctly so that you and your baby won’t end up hurting yourself. Get a new carpet if it’s getting old and tattered. Make sure the handrail is still secure so you can grab it if you were to fall with the new baby. You will need to get a baby gate to help stop your baby from going down the stairs when they do start learning to walk.

Build more storage

Another home improvement you should make when you are pregnant is to build some more storage in your home. You will need extra space now that the baby is coming. You will need somewhere to put all their belongings. Have a look around the home and decide where you have the space to build more storage. You could look into getting some new cupboards fitted in the kitchen so you can put their bottles in there. You may want to build a cupboard under the stairs so you can put the pushchair in there. You may want to go through your current belongings and get rid of old stuff, so you have more space for your baby’s new belongings.

Upgrade your bathroom  

You should also look into upgrading your bathroom when you are expecting a baby. If the bath in there is not in the best condition, you should have a look into getting a new suite fitted. After all, you will want to bathe your newborn in there, so it needs to be in a good condition. You need to be able to have easy access to it as well. You may want to consider installing an en suite in your master bedroom. That way, you and your partner can have an extra bathroom for use. En suites are great for adding value to a property as well.

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Invest in CCTV and check your alarms

Another home improvement you should make when you are pregnant is you need to make the home more secure. You want to prevent anyone from breaking in and stealing anything with your little baby there. You should invest in CCTV which will prevent people from coming into your home. It will also mean you can check who is there before answering the door. You should also make sure you check your fire and carbon monoxide alarm to ensure they are working efficiently. It’s so important to make sure your baby stays safe in your home.

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You will need to read these tips for trying to do home improvement when you are expecting. After all, you don’t want to harm yourself and baby while decorating the home. If you feel unsafe doing a job, it might be best to let your partner do it himself!

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