Perfecting Your Home’s Interior Design

Living in a home that you actually like is one of the best pleasures a person can have. It can’t always be easy to achieve though – with expenses entailed in purchasing furniture, fixtures, and remodeling costs, the process can turn out to be burdensome and stressful.

Nevertheless, you can still have your home designed exactly the way you like even without having to spend a million dollars. To have a perfectly designed home, you just need to see to it that all the elements work together to create the effect you desire.

The following are some of the important considerations you have to make in home design:

  1. Color schemes

It’s a no-brainer – the colors of the house have a lot to do with its overall look. For an elegant-looking house, light and neutral hues are highly recommended to achieve that subtle yet classy ambience. White, cream, beige, and mauve are just some of the colors that will be effective in giving that elegant vibe without being tacky. Such shades are so versatile that they also work in modern and contemporary home design themes.

  1. Lighting

The lighting conditions in a home have quite a huge influence on its functionality, safety, and overall beauty. As such, it’s one of the aspects of interior design on which you shouldn’t hesitate to invest. Aside from the fact that sub-standard lights have caused fires in homes and corporate buildings, they also compromise safety and security. Aesthetically, the right lighting will also enhance the best highlights of a room. There are also lights that heighten the degree of comfort the room can provide to its dwellers, as well as increase productivity in offices and the home study. For high-quality and long lasting Artemide lamps – click here. Artemide lighting has been a world-class provider and manufacturer of quality light fixtures and appliances for many years now.

  1. Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for different areas of a home can be quite knotty, as you have to consider factors like price, design, and durability. The main goal in buying furniture, though, is function and not ornamentation. Sure, you should pattern your choices after your chosen theme, but this does not necessarily mean that you should pick a pretty-looking couch over a comfortable and durable one. As much as possible try to strike a balance between function and design – that way you can be assured that you are getting the value for your money.

  1. Theme

Following a specific theme for your home’s design is very important because this will be your basis in choosing all the other decors, appliances, color schemes, lighting, and fabrics that will be used to create a distinct look for your interiors. You can choose from modern, contemporary, traditional, shabby chic, and even avant-garde.

  1. Flooring

The floor constitutes one of the biggest spaces in your home; hence, the way it looks can change your home’s aesthetic value for the better or for worse. One of the most versatile floorings for home is wood – it’s not only classy, but it also looks good with other decors and furniture.

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Interior Trends for 2013

Whilst the government is insisting that we are climbing out of the recession and our economic climate is becoming more and more stable, we still want some distractions to lure us away from the harsh realities of life Redecorating our home has to be one of the best – especially for someone like me who loves being creative.

2013 sees us take a less structured approach to colour. Unusual pairings are being encouraged, along with mismatching wall coverings, textiles and furniture. Even with all this in mind, there is still the taste for minimalist design.

The Buzz

If I had to list a few words that would describe the trend of 2013 they would have to be:

  • Raw
  • Fresh
  • Warm
  • Weathered
  • Decayed
  • Grounded

These six words that I would use to describe the colour palettes of 2013 are all organic and natural, another word that I would use to describe the colour palettes that are coming into fashion this coming year. As we will see that our fascination with the galaxy come into play when we look at the ‘Cosmic Dreaming’ palette, and how our world around us influences the colours we are wanting in our home this coming year as we look at the ‘Natural Ground’ palette.

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Individual Palette Reviews

Cosmic Dreaming

It’s safe to say that whatever happens in the fashion industry also happens in the interior design industry. They go hand in hand, like two peas in a pod! Toward the end of 2012 we saw an increase in ‘cosmic’ patterns on clothing – this trend will carry on into 2013 and take the nation by storm. Inspired by the outer galaxies, palettes of otherworldly hues and colours such as greyed lilac, tonal grey, khaki green, warm purple and beige.

Natural Ground

Every day we see the world, we witness the toll that the elements take upon objects. Everyone is drawn into the idea of living off the land and living more simply, getting your hands dirty and having a few chickens. It’s with this influence that we see colours such as ivory, heathered grey, rich brown, dark grey and warm black.

Closer Shores

There is always an instant feeling of calm and tranquility that resonates around your body when near the sea. A range of cool tones, and hues from the beach are an inspiring colour to bring that feeling of ‘spa’ into your bathroom. Remember though, it doesn’t have to end there – bring that feeling into the rest of your home for a calm and warm feeling. The colours we see from this trend are pale blue, greyed dark blue, grey with the hint of blue, dark navy and mid tonal blue.


On the total opposite hand we have the warm and sexual hues resonating from our inner being; that lust that we long to lure someone into our home. ‘Naked’ is a warm based palette consisting of colours such as vibrant orange, darkened orange, nude, blood red and deep red.


Eve explores the beautiful tones of green… the garden inspired hues. Combining colours from the birthplace of seduction, Eden creates visions of yellow green, galvanized green, mid tone blue green, greyed khaki green and fresh grass green.

Go for it!

So, get out there and indulge in all these great trends coming into gear. Make the most out of your living space by taking some time to carefully think about you, your loved ones and your lifestyle. It’s a cliché, but so very true – “turn your house into your home”!

About the author:

Mark Osborne runs Country Hardwood – a team of skilled craftsmen who specialize in Bespoke Conservatories.

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