Green Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping is a great way to increase the appeal and beauty of your home. Many homeowners are taking advantage of opportunities to boost the value of their homes by using smart designs to recreate their property.  But is a beautiful yard a fair exchange for the toll it can take on the environment? By choosing Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you can use green landscaping ideas that give you great results without the negative impact.

Cost-Effective Materials

When you are looking to conserve, choosing the right materials can be a big step in the right direction. Especially if you live in places where high temperature and a dry climate make water conservation a priority, choosing landscaping materials that cut back on your summer demand can help you go green. Stone, sand, and wood chips can be a great alternative to grass that requires frequent watering. In addition to the financial savings, these materials can help create a unique look that really makes an impression.

Green Landscaping Ideas

Plants and Irrigation

Although opting “no” on grass has already been mentioned, you can take additional steps to reduce water consumption. Selecting plants that require less water can make maintaining your flower garden or nature path less of a burden on you and the environment. Incorporating effective irrigation as a part of the scenery can be a great way to achieve two goals at the same time.


When you think about going green, you might not know how to accomplish your goal when you need outdoor lighting. It may come as a surprise to you that LEDs can help you keep energy consumption low while providing great results. Choosing LED landscape lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can actually add to the appeal of your property by making it accessible both day and night. Once the deck is installed, the pool has been filled, or the serenity garden has been completed, you cannot fully enjoy the benefits if you can’t see the results. Outdoor lighting Perspectives can offer professional lighting results for your deck, pathway, and more by offering options that don’t cause harm or stress to the environment.

Planning Ahead

As you create the design for your landscaping project, you should take a moment to consider ways to reduce unnecessary waste. Investing in the help of professionals to install plumbing, wiring, or other features that will contribute to the final results before you get close to the end can help you avoid having to go over the same areas twice.

Your landscaping project doesn’t have to hit the environment hard. With materials that help you conserve water, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to reduce energy required for outdoor lighting, and an effective strategy to make it all come together you can expect to get the results that you want without the excess environmental costs that you don’t.


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Landscape Remodel Ideas

Even though your home is your sanctuary and the nucleus of your home life, your backyard and front yard and just as important and necessary. We decorate inside of our homes so that our guests feel comfortable and so that you feel stylish. If you have already decorated your home to your perfect standards, maybe it is time to focus on your yard and its look.

Let’s say you have a front yard that is pretty vast and a decent size. If you want to just have green grass and nothing else that is fine. But there are so many things you can do to spruce up the space, just like in your home. Walkways are extremely popular and can be easily done yourself or with help from your friends or family. There is a multitude of walkway options and the most common and easiest are stone paths. If you are looking for a unique walkway, try something like a pattern of different variations of stones. This will also give an effect of a garden passage or castle walkway.

When choosing the landscaping design, you are faced with many options. Maybe you want a style to be based off of a certain culture, like Asian or English Formal. English formal is mostly known for maze-like design with a lot of shrubbery. Asian designs are common for pathways with a lot of plum trees and Japanese maples, for example. There are also a lot of fountains in the Asian style of landscape, which can take up a lot of space but makes for a very tranquil space.

Landscape Remodel Ideas

Maybe you want to give your yard a face lift but do not have a lot of money to put towards the project. Simple additions, like the above mentioned fountains, can make for a new look for your yard even adding some flowers or a small garden. If you do not want to plant, you can add flowers onto your window sills. Even though this is not technically part of your yard, it still changes the look of the outside of your home.

The simplest way to change your lawn without much work is to install lights. If you cannot do a pathway of stone, make one from lights. There are dozens of lighting options just at a store like Home Depot to choose from. You can choose from posts, to stands, to lights attached to your home that create light onto your lawn. Placing a light to create a spotlight on plants and flowers makes your small presentation looking that much broader.

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Eagle Luxury Properties is a custom home builder that also does a lot of home remodeling in Paradise Valley. We manage the process from start to finish, and we can complete an entire home remodel, including landscape, without having to bother you with the minor details. A remodel can come with lots of issues, but we do what it takes to make the process run efficiently.

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