Futuristic Houses: What Will the Modern Home Be Like in a Few Years?

What is a modern home? For many people it’s the decor, for others it’s the location and to some, it’s the technology. A modern home can mean a couple of things, but it’s usually a combination of all of these. Whether it’s contemporary furniture and experimental decor or a smart home that can read your temperature and adjust the thermostat automatically, there are hundreds of technological and artistic advances that have turned the home into more than just a home.

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The Smart Home

A home is considered smart when it can adjust all of its functions to suit the owner automatically or via a control system. For example, a fridge can be considered “smart” if it has a display on the front that can show what’s inside, monitor temperatures and even order groceries. It’s not a dream or science fiction either. There are smart fridges that people can buy right now which come with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to take some of the most annoying tasks of managing a fridge out of the way and either automates them or makes them easy to manage.

In addition to smart fridges, there are also smart entertainment devices that can be linked together to create a seamless entertainment experience. For example, you could be watching a film on your smart television but the kids might want to play on their games console which is hooked up to the living room TV. In this case, you can simply head to your study or bedroom and turn on the TV and connect to the same network and services to resume watching your film while the kids play their games. Blogs like Smart Future are great resources to find out the latest and greatest technology advances that people are adding to their homes.

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The Contemporary Home

A contemporary home should consist of just one thing: ultra-modern design. Most contemporary homes aren’t created by mixing and matching Ikea furniture, but instead, they’re created by hand with custom-built pieces of furniture that mold to the contours of the house to create specially designed rooms that ooze style and function. Contemporary homes are all about minimalism, style and practicality. Think big designs such as living rooms that are illuminated with powerful but concealed ceiling and wall lights. Open-plan houses are popular in contemporary housing as well.

For example, one piece of contemporary furniture that’s on its way to becoming a modern staple is the wireless charging bed stand. It’s a simple concept: a piece of furniture that also acts like a modern wireless charging dock. The idea is that it should look sleek, fit with the decor, and have functionality built into the desk. When you’re ready to go to bed and you need to charge your phone, there’s no need for cables that are dangling from the bedside table or anything; you simply pop your phone on top of the bed stand and it will start charging. These devices are incredibly creative and can be expensive to make, but with more technological advances they will start to become more commonplace and as a result, cheaper to build.

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4 Must Have Items for a Futuristic Home

For the technologically discerning homeowner, there is an extensive range of innovative ways to ensure that your home is as modern as possible. With the current advancements in technology, it’s becoming easier to fit out your home with amazing gadgets that once existed purely the realm of science fiction. Here are 4 of the must have items for a truly futuristic yet functional home.

Intuitive Lighting Solutions

Lighting is one of the most influential aspects in our day to day life, and it can have a huge impact on the appearance of your home. Sophisticated and intuitive lighting solutions are one of the biggest ways to modernise your living space. With everything from motion activated lights to dimmer switches and eco bulbs, there’s a lighting solution for every style and budget.

For a truly technological edge, consider the Master Plan light switch. This innovative design features a switch which resembles your floor plans, and you can control all of the lighting in your home at the touch of a button. It also shows you which lights are currently illuminated so you can control everything from one central location.

Door Bot Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

The Door Bot is a great design due for release in mid-2013 which allows the user to see who is at their door at any time. The Door Bot uses a camera to capture footage and audio of who is waiting, and sends it to the smartphone of the registered user. The advantage of this system is that you could be at work or away from home and still able to monitor any activity at the door. The appearance is much like a phone call, with an image of who is at the door and an answer or decline option. A great example of the use of the Door Bot is to communicate with couriers or postal workers about the delivery of packages and other items.

3D Smart TV

The hub of every futuristic home is undoubtedly the smart TV. Integrating full internet access, 3D capability and crystal clear display, smart TV’s are the defining step towards an all in one entertainment system to suit every need. Leading brands such as the smart LG 3D TV include access to over 600 applications, from live weather and social media to movie streaming and more. It can also be controlled using voice commands for a truly technological touch.

Solar Window Charger

As electricity prices continue to increase, every little bit counts when it comes to saving energy. A great idea is to make sure that everyone in the family has a solar window charger. These fantastic little devices simply attach onto any glass surface, and use solar power to charge any device with a USB cable. You can even charge it while travelling in the car or attach it at work. No matter where you go, this sleek design will charge your devices without ever touching an electrical socket.

For the latest and most functional in technological design, you can’t go past these top items. Create a truly futuristic home by incorporating them into your house and discovering all the ways in which technology not only enriches your life, but simplifies it as well. From smart TV’s to solar power, these great gadgets won’t fail to impress.

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