4 Things to Keep In Mind During an Attic Renovation

Have you been craving some extra space in your home? Maybe you have a little one on the way and you need an extra bedroom or you’d prefer to get work done in a quiet space. If you’re considering renovating your attic with the help of Summit Point Roofing, ponder these four tips.


[Attic bedroom” by Ben Husmann from Chicago, USA /wikipedia.org]
    1. Will you be following fire codes and safety precautions? Usually, 50% of a finished attic has to be a minimum of seven feet high, seven feet wide, and 70 square feet. For safety reasons, you should have an engineer make sure that the house’s foundation and frame can withstand extra weight.
    2. During the summer months, expect your attic to get much warmer than the rest of the house. Add ceiling fans to help regulate temperature.
    3. With all that attic planning, you forgot about the rooms downstairs! Shuffling feet in the attic will carry through to the rooms below. Keep things quiet with heavy duty floor joists and add a carpet or area rug.
    4. If you’re installing a bathroom upstairs, match it up with a kitchen or bathroom below. This will help streamline the plumbing, keeping costs down and limiting damage to the walls. Sometimes, a plumber will even be able to connect new pipes to the old ones, although this isn’t always the best option.

Are you ready to expand your home’s usable space and start utilizing that attic? Learn how today!

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