Is It Practical To Create A Room Just For Relaxing In?

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The short answer, of course, is yes. We have room for eating in, cooking in, sleeping in and washing in. So why not have one just for relaxing in? It makes sense, doesn’t it? But creating this type of room can be a challenge, especially if you have never done anything like it before. Luckily we have created a guide to help you, so read on for some inspiration to for the most relaxing of rooms.


First thing’s first, once you have chosen a room to make into a relaxing space you need to assess the light situation. Some rooms are flooded with natural light. But it may be that you think low light is relaxing. So you will need to address this by installing some thick blackout curtains and a dimmable lamp.

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Other rooms may be dark and pokey. But if you find space and light relaxing this could be problematic. Then you will need to paint the walls white to create the illusion of space. Also, it is vital to keep pieces of furniture to a minimum to give that illusion of having more room.

You can also use different shades and tones of light to encourage a relaxing atmosphere. This is easy to do with smart bulbs. As they can be controlled remotely, so you can change the color easily without having the hassle of replacing the bulb.

So whatever you do in your room, just remember to adjust the rooms lighting levels to one that you will find relaxing.


A relaxing room needs to have comfortable seating in it, that fosters a relaxed attitude in both mind and body. Happily, there are quite a few different options you can get that fulfill this role.

Firstly why not consider something like the Shiatsu Chairs that are available now? These are not only supportive and comfortable, but they have a massage function that will relax your body as well.

Or, you could go for some non-traditional floor seating with supports. These can make lounging around comfortable and good for you posture as well! You could even go avant-garde, and invest in nest set up, which is a pod filled with cushions and is just perfect for naps and chillout sessions.


Once you have established somewhere comfortable to sit, you need to think about how your senses play into getting into a relaxed state. One of our strongest senses is small so you can use that to aid your relaxation.

Why not try at atmostizer with lavender or chamomile scents to help you relax even quicker? Or you can go for some incense or a candle or two.

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Sound is another strong sense that can assist in the relaxation process. As most of us a have a smartphone these days, it very easy to use these in your relaxation room to play relaxing sounds for meditation.

All you really need for this is a docking station with a speaker. Then you can time your meditations and play relaxing classical music. Or you can even do a guided Yoga Nidra session  or body scan. Perfect for relaxation.

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