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When you are raising a family it can be a challenge to create and maintain a beautiful home, especially when you work outside of the house. You may fondly recall the days before children and the fun of planning for your first child and decorating the nursery. It was a delight to plan and shop for baby blankets and bedding and to take the time to select each and every item with care and consideration. When shopping becomes a chore and it’s more of a grab and go situation the concept of home décor often takes a back seat to the practical realities of daily life.


Maybe you need a new shower curtain and rod but the prospect of shopping for shower curtains, hooks and rods is simply too much to fathom – when every minute of the day is filled then it’s time to stop running around and start shopping online. You can shop from home any time of the day or night without regard to conventional retail store hours and without the hassle of packing the kids in the car, fighting traffic and hunting down a parking space. Park yourself in a comfortable chair and let your fingers do the walking.

You will soon find that there are some innovative family-friendly ways to upgrade your bathroom, starting with a curved shower curtain rod. By installing one you will create more elbow room in the tub and make it easier to bathe children and pets. Skip the hassle of shower hooks and select a hook-less shower curtain – that’s one less thing you need to worry about, especially if you chose one with a built-in liner. If you don’t already have a handheld shower head in your bathroom you don’t know what you are missing – they are amazing.

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