Brrrrrr-illiant Winter Safety Tips For Nervous Moms

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What three words would you use to describe winter?

A safe bet is that one of them would be “cold.” It’s simple, and it’s accurate. The others will depend on where you live. Some people will say “wet”; others will say “snowy.” Many will say “beautiful” – because, as lovely as everything looks in summer, bathed in light, winter has its beauty too. Everything showered in a little tinkle of frost, or covered in snow? It doesn’t get much prettier than that, does it?

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So if we’ve got cold, and beautiful, what’s the third word? How about “terrifying”? Let’s be honest; snow is pretty. If you’re wrapped up warm, it can be fun to play in. However, when you try to do anything more practical, it can be hazardous. Winter, in general, is a season where you have to be safety-conscious.

Snow: Stunning When It Falls, Stubborn When It Stays

When you’re a kid, your first snowfall is one of the most magical experiences imaginable. The blanket of white outside is otherworldly at first. When you play out in it, you don’t even mind that it’s cold. Your parents do, though. And when you’re the parent, you start to think about that. What will happen if the driveway freezes, or you’re snowed in (

A look at what’s on offer at should lift at least some of this concern. You can blow the snow off your driveway and at least get the car to the road. Once it’s in a safe spot, there’s more to play in!

Ice, Ice, Baby…

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Even if you’re confident on snow, ice presents its own challenges. Forget any idea of looking graceful when you walk on a frozen patch – it’s not happening. It’s all about function and safety. One fall can cause serious injury. Heck, it’s not even that pretty unless it forms somewhere out of walking range.

If you haven’t already, invest in a bag of rock salt. Scatter this over any icy patches people might have to walk on. It will melt some of the ice and give a bit of grip to the surface. It can, quite literally, be a lifesaver.

Come In From The Cold

As you grow up, you become less interested in investigating everything new about winter weather. You develop a keen interest in getting in out of it and warming up. Your kids may be harder to convince in this new interest, as the snow is still a novelty.

You may need to be the bad guy occasionally and persuade your kids to come in to warm up, even if only for a while. Every half-hour is reasonable. Some older children can be trusted to judge when they are in need of a warm-up. But for toddlers and older infants, you’ll need to make the rules. You can always have hot cocoa waiting for them as an incentive.

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So that’s winter – cold, beautiful and dangerous all at once. As long as you take the necessary precautions, it’s a season where most of the memories made will be ones to treasure. And don’t miss the chance to make snow angels!

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