Winter-Proof Your Home to Save on Heating Costs

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As days went by the temperature is getting colder but my husband still doesn’t want to run the heater to save gas and pay less every end of the month in our gas bill.  To feel warm without running the heater my husband closed the window in our balcony and bathroom but it isn’t enough so I am thinking of using plastic bubbles to winter proof our glass doors and windows.  I have seen this DIY winter proofing in the online global shop I frequently visit under home and living categories.

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By proper sealing your home you can keep the warm air in and the cold winter air out. It doesn’t only save gas but also protect the money in your wallet by paying large bills every end of the month.  Well, while my plans is not yet put into reality, I am thinking of wearing electric gloves  because my hands always felt cold without a reason. Although I have read that lack of blood circulation is one of the reason to have cold hands.

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