Window Shades and Tints

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One of the house in our neighborhood  is using dark tint on their window maybe it is for their privacy or style on beautifying their home. Window tinting  can enhanced the appearance of windows, it can add charm and good atmosphere to your window.  Tint are usually dark in color but like most other things they came in different shades based where you are going to use it.

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As what I have read there are tint that can be only used in commercial and business establishment which means they can’t be used on residential houses because of the shades of the tint, if you will noticed in most commercial establishment they are using lighter shades and if you ever saw a commercial establishment using  darker shades that’s for private and security used, I think it is the same on vehicles because most celebrity, bank and government vehicles are tinted where you can’t see who is inside but they can see you from the inside.

The government in our country has a policy not to use tinted windows and curtains on public vehicles to avoid serious crime like hold-ups, hijacking and even hostage situation.

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