Why Heating Is Essential

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Every building requires central heating and with so many different products available it can be hard and time consuming to choose the right products.

Piping, heating elements and fixtures are also required for industry and as this will often require equipment designed to withstand extreme temperatures it is important that all of the equipment used is specific for the function required of it.

Photograph of New York in the snow by Debbie O’Donnell

Firstly, it is important to buy products from a company that has expertise in this field to ensure the products you are buying are of a good standard. This will also ensure that advice can be sought on the products if needed. Flexelec have been providing their expertise and research into heating elements to bring the best products expertly designed for various needs for over thirty years. They are also in operation across the globe and have staff available to assist you throughout your project. Their on-going market and product research help to make them the go to experts in the field of heating.

Secondly, you must consider the type of building that you will be working with. For example if the building will need to have underground pipes to connect it to the main supply then pipe tracing for winter needs to be considered as during the cold winter months the water within the pipes can freeze. This often results in the expansion of the pipes that can lead to further damage which is often unnoticed until flooding occurs. Replacing underground pipes is obviously very expensive and time consuming and should be avoided at all costs. Electric trace heating cables are a great way to avoid this. These cables regulate the temperature of the pipes to prevent them freezing despite external temperatures.

As temperature control can be maintained by using the correct equipment it is important to use the correct cable for the specific function and heat trace solutions are the perfect way to find the right cable for your specific needs. There are cables designed for refrigeration, hot water or extremely high temperatures for industry use. All of the cables are specifically manufactured to have a reactive core to ensure the temperatures inside the pipes are regulated thus preventing any associated problems.

With the experts at Flexelec on hand to assist you with any problems you come across or advice you may need you cannot go wrong.

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