When moving to a New House

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If we started building our house we have to torn down our old house so we can use the other building materials like the galvanized iron or even lumber. It is going to be a lot of work that’s why we need to pay few labors so they can help in the construction. I have already told my mother just to throw the things we don’t need anymore like the broken dvd player, clock though I am not sure if she is going to throw the cheap trophies displayed in top of a cabinet in our living room.

I have one trophy on displayed, it was the trophy I won when I joined the Ms. Camp,  my sister’s trophy are from sports and winning Ms. Camp too.  My father’s trophy was from sports too. There’s only few trophies at home because we really don’t joined too much in competition and most of the price in the competition in our barangay is cash money because that’s what people needed the most.

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