Weird Noise from the Heater

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Few days ago I have blogged about our heater problem so the other day someone from Rinnai (the brand of the heater) came in our apartment followed by our landlady. My husband turn on the heater which is turned off all the while, the guy check the control and run the hot water in the bathroom, he said there’s no problem as the heater is running correctly that time. It didn’t produce weird noises like what we usually heard, but my husband insisted that something is wrong in our heater so our landlady called my husband co-teacher to translate everything.

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I also shown them the video that we took that night and let them hear the sound and while watching the heater started to have its weird sound so the service guy open the heater and after a while he figured out what is wrong, the boiler of the heater is working fine that means it is not the problem. He said gas is the problem that’s why it is turning up and down and produces weird noises, the amount of gas is not enough to boil the water. So gas company needs to fix it when they came and we don’t know when.

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