Wedding and Native Instruments

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The night before my cousin’s wedding most people are  expecting for a dance party as part of the wedding tradition in our country.  Young people from nearby houses came to celebrate with them, one of our relatives even brought two large speaker’s but they are all disappointed when my cousin’s parent in laws and the other older relatives started to sing with their  Native Instruments,  they had a party on their own and old way called Composo, it is a narrative verse form sung to a pre-set melody and this is how they made it, when someone will sing his narrative verse  another one will answer that song  on a narrative way and so on.  Some people waited for them to finish but until late night when we went home the oldies are still enjoying on their own party, making the young ones bored.

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  1. Dhemz says:

    Oh, I love those native instruments! those are rare nowadays.

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