Used Furniture

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Seeing used furniture here is normal you can see them in the street when the owner throws them. People here always shift to different places to look for better job opportunities and most houses here are not the typical houses you see in developing countries. Houses here are usually apartment style where different families live so when they need to transfer and cannot carry all their belongings they throw them especially closets, tables, beds and even sofa sets.

Just like the other day there’s two large closet in the street I thought it is newly delivered but when I saw sticker on it I already know it is going to be thrown. If you think garbage truck will picked them as good as they are you are wrong they tore it down and when they did it we can hear the pieces of glasses being being crashed to pieces.

In some places there are stores that sells used furniture it is cheaper than buying a new one but now a days you can also find store online that sells used furniture. Buying a used one is not bad as long the quality is still good and can still be used for many years.

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