The Disadvantages of Moving

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Moving is a situation that everyone doesn’t want to do. Moving house time to time is tiring, stressful and not the best idea to build an ideal home.  Once you plan to move you need to pack all of your important things which is so tiring and stressful to do and once you moved you need to start all over again to build relationship with your neighbors, make friends and etc.,

Our visa is going to expire soon but we are lucky that we are not going to move anywhere, my husband’s employer extended his contract for one more year. Well at least for a year we don’t need moving companies to help us move to a new home and community. I just hope next year his contract will be extended again because I already love this place and the people.

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  1. spiky says:

    im sure you will MISS the bond you’d created with the people. but treat it is a new endeavor with your husband.

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