Water Well Drilling

When I am still a kid fetching water in the pump is my everyday task. I have to make sure that all the plastic containers at home is full of water or else my mother will scold me. Time came a little progress  occurred in our community, using  water pump is  not on demand anymore. Fetching water became easier by the use of water system,  most houses has their own water pipes now but the water is not good for drinking just for washing, bathing and daily usage.

Not all families are covered by the water system because there are some houses which happened to be far from the main road where the pipes are running.  Some of this houses still uses water pump for their water supply and those people who happens living in the valley uses water well especially when they have vegetable garden to water everyday. Water well drilling is common when the supply of water is not abundant and you are living in urban area like us.

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