Soundproof Windows For Better Quality Of Life

If one thing is true about the 21st century, it’s the fact that it might be one of the noisiest times recorded in history. Particularly for people living in large cities, noise pollution can be fairly difficult to live with. Hardly any city in the world ever sleeps. From rumbling delivery trucks in the morning to crowded sidewalk cafés at night, there is no shortage of different sounds. While this probably does not present too much of a problem during the day, it can be a royal pain to deal with during the hours that one would typically reserve for sleep. Knowing how to soundproof windows is the most obvious way forward for the modern city dweller.

Soundproof windows can almost be regarded as a necessity in our modern age. One often finds that older buildings have window sections that tend to let in way too much noise. The reason for this is that most old buildings were constructed with single pane window glass — this is generally way too thin and frail to stop any sound from coming through. Re-installing thicker, soundproof windows is the best way to remedy the problem.

Soundproof Windows

More often than not, you will find that soundproof windows are two or three panes thick. These panes are separated by air pockets which act as a soundproofing mechanism. Try to think of it as an egg box effect. Egg boxes are notorious for muffling sound and this is largely because they are made up of air pockets — that is all there really is to them. It may be necessary to replace the entire window, depending largely on the material in the window frame as well as the thickness of the panes. These thicker windows have no adverse effects on visibility or aesthetic appeal.

In some cases a soundproof insert can be installed in the original window. This is often the preferred option for clients who hope to reduce the cost of soundproofing their homes. The biggest benefit with this solution is that the window does not need to be removed, nor does the frame need to be resized. It may be necessary to fit new curtains or blinds due to the fact that the insert has an effect on this particular aspect of the window area. However, if the price of silence is a new set of blinds, one can hardly complain too much.

With any soundproof windows, it is imperative that measurements are taken correctly. Any gaps or cracks between the window and the frame will allow noise pollution to sneak through. Quality soundproofing inserts and window treatments will reduce noise by approximately 90%. It is important to realize that this promise can only be fulfilled if proper measurements are taken and if the soundproofing product is installed by professionals. This is not necessarily the sort of project that can be lumped into the DIY category.

Essentially, soundproof windows are the sort of home improvement many people need but only a few companies can provide the top results that are needed. Depending on the size and shape of the window as well as the condition of the frames, the professionals will suggest whether or not an insert or an entire replacement will be necessary.

This article was written by Janice Rodriguez.

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