Creating Your Own Recording Studio at Home

Before searching for saxophones for sale at musicians friend and contemplating on buying more instruments, think first of your music room. If you like playing and composing music but you don’t have the money to have a regular recording studio, you can instead use an ordinary room in your house and turn it into your recording studio.

Music Room

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However, keep in mind that there are ways to improve the acoustics in any room. Check the room for reflections because they’re needed to hear sound. A room with poor reflections will result in bad acoustic sound quality. To improve this, you have to fix the problem of reflections. Remove hard surfaces and put in foam panels to weaken sound waves. Fill your room with large furniture and decor to force the sound waves to rebound in different directions.

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Creating More Space in the Apartment

Our new apartment is smaller than our previous one so we requested that TV should be removed to make new space. When we moved we didn’t find the TV anymore but we are thankful that they didn’t remove the small cabinet where the TV was placed because it was useful for the printer and for some books.

We moved the small refrigerator near the sink to use the small space and make more room for other stuff we had.

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