Home and Living: Get A Jump On The Season With Your Own Hockey Rink

One of the best ways to spend quality time with family or friends has always been through sport. It helps build character for the young ones; it gives you bragging rights when you score a point; it helps create all the memories, like that time when you landed flat on your back but somehow still made a point. Humans have always needed fiscal activity to keep the mind and body healthy. The only problems most of us face today is where to play? Especially for hockey fans, playing in the street can be a huge inconvenience for you and drivers passing by. For those who have a big enough space, you can put up a backyard hockey rink!

Backyard Hockey

During the colder months having your own backyard hockey rink can be a great space to play a game or just have fun sliding around on the ice. A backyard rink kit from RinkMaster, Canada’s Backyard Hockey Store, provides the easiest way to make a hockey rink. It only takes two hours to assemble and you don’t need to buy any extra tools or lumber; everything you need is included in one handy package, delivered right to your door. A rink kit is composed of easy to snap together PVC piping, a plastic liner to keep the water from sinking into the dirt, providing a nice even rink. Another way to really impress your friends is to fill a rink using a flooding wand of standing around with a hose looking like you’re watering the snow, instead create nice even ice for easy play. A flooding wand is a simple set up with no hassle trying to control it, and is usually a much more preferable option especially when trying to create a much larger hockey rink.

All that is really left now once the rink has been set up is to gather up a few friends and family and humiliate them with your awesomeness, or be nice and let them win every now and then. You’ll already be the hero for putting together a personal hockey rink for everyone. Some accessories people tend to forget about include: skate mats, which are rubber pads to protect skates from stone patios or wood patios from the skate blades. Don’t forget to get something to put all the hockey sticks in, there is nothing more frustrating than swearing you just set it down and not being able to find it.

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