Growing and Harvesting Pineapple at Home

Farming and gardening is my father’s past time,  he is semi-retired in doing construction and carpentry jobs hence it was already too heavy and too delicate for him to climb in higher elevation especially he was already in maintenance because of his high blood pressure. Semi-retired because there are times his old employer asked him at times to fix small things in their house.

Growing pineapples requires significant time and commitment, it can be an exciting home gardening and culinary project. It is almost pineapple season and my father has some pineapple plants, he already harvested twice and don’t think too much about the harvest, because there were only two pineapple heads each harvest (hahaha), my father harvested them earlier before the thieves could harvest them.

The first harvest, we ate the big one and the smaller one was given away, while the second harvest both the pineapples were given away.  My father’s pineapple started from from few plants, and they multiply after my father planted the pineapple crown, as you can see above one crown was already taken away from the fruit and it will be ready for planting, all you have to do is plant it into the soil.

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