Prescription Drug Abuse at Home

I suffered from muscle pain after we arrived from vacation. My knees, legs, back and shoulder are so painful to bear that I opted to take muscle pain reliever before going to sleep.  The next  morning when I wake up I feel  so fine, relax and energetic again. So instead of just staying at home the whole week we went to the gym to burn the fats we gained from our short vacation and  last night we had a leg exercise after few days of chest and back exercises. As expected my legs and thighs are sore after doing few squats  and leg press instead of taking muscle pain reliever I just sleep early so I can rest my tired body.  My mother told me once not to take medicine all the time because it will make my body immune to those medicines and it might lead to addiction.

Pain reliever medicines are mostly over the counter drugs and don’t need prescription that’s why it sometimes lead to drug abuse which is not good for our health.  If you are interested on what are the side effects of  pain reliever addiction you should consider reading about the side of effects of  oxycontin detox addiction, like other pain relievers OxyContin is usually prescribed to treat pain.

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