Ways to Use LED Curtains

A celebration that’s held in a private room at a restaurant or in a rented hall usually has its own unique décor. A growing trend in this type of décor is the LED curtain. The warm, elegant glow of an LED curtain is an appealing addition to many types of celebrations. Here are a couple examples of how LED curtains are used in various celebrations.

A Sweet Sixteen Party

LED curtains are an ideal option for a sweet sixteen party held in a rented hall. These curtains can be set up around the dance floor to cast a glow over the dancing couples. Also, an LED curtain can be put up in one area of the room for photographs of couples and friends of the girl celebrating her sweet sixteen. LED curtains are visually appealing and serve to illuminate particular portions of a room giving the atmosphere an elegant tone.

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A Wedding Shower

A group of friends getting together in the private room of a restaurant will enjoy the party all the more with special décor. For example, the host of the party can set up an LED curtain behind the dessert table. This light will serve to illuminate all of the tasty goodies in a soft, inviting way. An LED curtain can also be put behind the seat of the guest of honor. She will love the playful lighting created by this attractive décor. Party planners can look online at an LED curtain from ZappoBZ.com.

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