Moving the Speaker to the Bedroom

It was been a month already since the construction of our house was stopped. We have no more funds to continue the construction, while my father has no work at the moment, he is busy doing finishing touches to the windows and flooring of the bedroom.  The bedroom has no tiles nor window installed yet, but they decided to move the bamboo bed in the room to make it useful.  Some of the speakers were also moved into the bedroom to make space in our living room.

Karaoke Speaker

When my sister uploaded new photos, the keyboard was the only one left under the stairs. The large karaoke speaker had been already in the bedroom, I think my family is planning to buy good genz benz acoustic amp to create solid and dynamic blending of more than one instrument when they are into sound tripping.

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Karaoke Player for Home Use

Singing is one of the past time of most Filipinos in Karaoke joints or at home. That’s why I am not surprised anymore when my mother bought a Karaoke disc player despite it was only used occasionally like on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

As what I know my mother wants to buy magic sing but because it was too expensive she opted buying a player which works like the magic sing. Now I am thinking to buy or to get usb microphone online so they  can have more fun.

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