Choose the Energy Plan that Suits Your Needs Best

Energy is essential to all homeowners these days, and homeowners everywhere have noticed the cost has been steadily increasing over the past several years. Part of the reason for this increase is the recent uptick in regulations imposed on energy companies by the EPA and the government. While these regulations are thought to be necessary in order to reduce pollution and reduce the effects of global warming, the resulting costs passed on to homeowners can be hard on their budget.

In an effort to lessen the burden on residents, Corpus Christi Energy has created several options to give area homeowners the ability to more easily manage their energy costs. These plans are simple, and they allow homeowners to choose the plan that fits best into their budget and needs.

Fixed Supply-rate Plans

This concept has been available from utility companies for some time, and is often referred to as “level billing.” After the customer has lived in the same home long enough to build a usage history, the electric company is able to anticipate how much energy will be consumed over a span of 12 months. This amount is divided into 12 equal payments which the customer pays on a monthly basis. A year-end adjustment will be made if there is any variation from the expected energy cost.

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Traditional Billing

Some people are more mobile than others, so they may not live in their home every month of the year. This means their energy usage may fluctuate considerably between their periods of being home or away. The traditional method of billing works best for these residents since they will be charged for the actual energy usage each month.

Take Advantage of Green Energy

Many Texas utility companies use green energy sources to help supply energy to their customers. While energy from these alternate sources that include sun and wind may not be less expensive than traditional sources, most customers appreciate their ability to choose energy sources that are renewable and environmentally friendly.

Homeowners in Corpus Christi are fortunate to live in a state that proactively pursues alternate energy sources. This means they will never run out of electricity even after the traditional sources of coal and natural gas have been depleted. Using green energy sources also means the air in Texas will be cleaner and less polluted.

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