The New Garbage Shed

When we are still living in the old neighborhood we usually throw our car boards, plastic and glass  every time the large shopping bag is full but since we moved to new neighborhood and apartment we are throwing these recyclable items every day as there’s a designated corner in the yard for the tenants to throw the garbage and trash.

Garbage Shed

One day, we just found out that the metal bar holding the sacks for different recyclable items was ruined, we just saw it hanged in the shrubs. We suspect a car accidentally hit the area although we are wondering why the metal box for card boards are missing, so we are in doubt if there’s really an accident happened with the thought probably the landlord sign a new contract from different garbage disposal.

In less than a month we just woke up one day with the sound of hammer and drilling and when we look down the apartment building we see men building a shed in the area where garbage disposal was situated.  Although I am not sure what’s the use of the shed or the room as it looks like an office it could be a dog shed because there’s a table and office chair, a guard house probably?

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