Catching Fruit Flies

If there’s another thing I don’t like during summer it is flies.  Not the type of flies that you can saw in the garbage can they are more of fruit flies. They can come in inside our apartment because our windows are partially opened  for air to come and to avoid us on using air conditioner and paying higher electricity bills.

We had a fly paper but it seems the flies are pretty smart so the last time there’s a lot of fly I used a white plastic plate and wipe it with oil and I catch the flies with it  but when we felt so tired doing it every night where they freely roam around we decided to closed our windows and run our air conditioner.

Anyway fruit flies are commonly found in fruit and they are attracted to organic and sugary materials. They are capable of breeding in trash bins, spills of soda or alcohol and even in decaying meat.  So I guess I should regularly wipe our kitchen counters and throw the trash can once it is full to prevent this fruit fly infestations.

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