Window Boxes

As we have no space/garden  to cultivate here in our apartment I have told  my husband about my idea and that is planting a plant into plant box which is a good idea if there’s no garage in front of our apartment building but the mere fact that  there’s a garage it is not a good idea at all. So there’s no way we can grow flowers or few vegetables in a plant box because without sunlight they will die.

Our last option to bring harmony and have green living things in our apartment is to buy and install window boxes in our balcony. There are some affordable  and custom made window boxes that last a lifetime, most of them are made from no rot cellular PVC called VERSATEX , that gives the planters a matte finish which scatters light rather than reflecting it and the end result is a planter that looks and feels like a wood rather than a plastic.

It  seems a good idea isn’t it? Well before we decide to have one we should ask permission to our landlord first especially he is keeping his bike and other cleaning tools at the the back side of the apartment.

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