A Flooring Comparison to Help You Upgrade

If you are looking to update your home, chances are you will be looking at spending some serious time and money if you don’t have a plan in place. Although painting and changing out draperies could be quick and cost-efficient fix, a total room makeover inevitably includes new flooring. Without the right know-how and in the interest of your budget, you might settle for a boring but finance-friendly fix. You might be surprised to find out how economical epoxy floors can be when compared to other materials.

Epoxy flooring moves beyond commercial applications.

Professional garage shops and commercial buildings are typically places where you will find the shiny and durable application of an epoxy-coated flooring system. The coating is a combination of hardeners and resins which creates a solid surface that bonds to many material types once it has dried. While it does provide an industrial strength application, there are also decorative elements of metallic flecks, designer-inspired patterns and colors or tints to make it more appealing for residential use.

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Epoxy flooring has a durability that surpasses other materials.

If you are familiar with hardwood floors, you will know that wear and tear can occur through water or liquid spills, moving furniture and everyday traffic. These floors need to be refinished in order to return their shine, and for an installation that was already quite an expense, this only adds to the cost of upkeep. Tile floors offer durability that can last for decades, depending on the quality and type of stone or tile placed. The installation costs more, as cutting and grouting add to the labor involved. Tiles can crack or chip if heavy objects are dropped onto them, and they can also be slippery when wet. Carpet is the other popular choice, but despite luxurious look and warmth higher end grades tend to offer, there is more maintenance involved in its upkeep. Vacuuming and preventing spots and stains can get tiresome.

Epoxy floors stand out above the rest.

When compared to other common flooring choices, epoxy stands out as a real winner. Durability is no longer a problem, as it won’t get cracked or dented with dropped items or heavy foot traffic. It is easy to clean and resistant to stains and water damage. An epoxy coating is also dirt and dust resistant, giving it a cleaner look but also maintaining a better air quality over time. Affordability and beauty tie for first place in what makes an epoxy floor a great choice.

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The Newest Styles and Popular Trends in Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are as timeless as they are beautiful. Making the right choice to fit your lifestyle is as important a decision as any home investment. Your new hardwood floor should last you the life of your home. Picking the right one for you has never been harder. Hardwood Bargains is here to make it easier.


Easily the most popular trend in hardwoods are the whitewash and greys with that beach cottage feel. If you are looking for that floor to give your home that New England coastal feel, these tones will work perfect for you. They are also go well with the modern, clean looks that are fashionable in urban loft living. As universal as this floor can be, its a style with staying power.


The wider the plank the bigger the canvas. More grain, more variance and more character.  The wide plank is a dominant statement that will fill even the biggest rooms with liveliness.

Wire brushing adds a subtle texture that naturally can only be achieved over years of living on. Add a slight stain color to go with any decor. Never worry about excessive expansion  with Hardwood Bargains engineered core. Our cross ply core will tame any size plank.


Smooth is Back

Nothing looks better than a perfectly sanded floor. Flat edges and ends lend to an elegant look that is both timeless and traditional. With todays milling technology, engineered hardwood has come a long way with the perfect milling needed for a successful, smooth, prefinished hardwood install. The exact milling minimized over wood on square edges.

Ordering Online

When you purchase hardwood from a retail store you will end up paying more. Retail stores act as a middleman. Purchasing products from a distributor then additionally marking it up. When you shop at Hardwood Bargains, you effectively cut out the middleman. We buy directly from the source and pass along the savings  to you.

Guy Ventimiglia is the Sales Manager for Hardwoodbargains.com. He has over 23 years’ experience in the flooring industry, and is an industry expert in all types of hardwood flooring. When he isn’t working at Hardwoodbargains.com, he is enjoying time with his family skiing and snowboarding.

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