Importance of Electrical Survey

Our house is almost ready for occupancy, one of the major things that is needed to do is transfer the electricity from our old house. My mother already asked someone to do an electrical survey on how much we are going to spend on electric wires, power outlets, lights and etc. I thought it would be so expensive (though it is really expensive), the proposed budget of the electrician is $350 and labor is not included on it.  Hiring someone to do the survey is convenient, at least we already have an idea how much money do we need for this job.

House Plan

If electricity is already installed in our new house my family can move already even the windows and doors are not yet done, living in our province is not that dangerous because most people know each other, and mostly they are related to each other. My mother says they can just use bamboo as temporary window like what you see in the picture (left where the orchids are).

Electrical survey is important because it can help you to save more on buying extra wires that are not needed and you can make sure that your house electrical installation will be safe, the outlets will be in the proper place.

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