Cuckoo Clock and Home

Did you know that the clock is one of the most important devices of all civilization? Without clock other things will not be possible, you can not meet a client without setting a place date and time. You would not know what time you wake up or sleep without looking at the clock and you would not know what time you’re born without the help of the clock. That’s only few reasons why clock is very important in human lives, in short clock is a gadget that we use to tell the exact time of day.

Every house, buildings, schools and any other establishment has a clock to remind everyone for break, snack time, lunch, dinner and further more time to pray. Clocks have only one uses  to tell time and wake up us in the morning using its alarm, most of these alarm clock are small and usually put in our bed side table.

Ravenna Gorge, Input, Cuckoo Clock, Black Forest

[Image courtesy of pixabairis/]

There are also round clocks, Cuckoo Clock and Grandfather Clock, most families only uses round clock on their home, I have seen few who uses Cuckoo and Grandfather Clock but they are not as many with the round clock.

If you don’t know yet Grandfather Clock are long case clock which are usually tall and stand alone.  They are usually pendulum-driven clock that  when the hour strikes you can hear the sound of the Common Cuckoo.   Mostly I saw these  type  of clocks on  movies and television, especially on big and old houses.

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